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Joe (3722)
PIN: 3722
4.6(186 Reviews)
I am a very experienced tarot card reader with 10 years plus experience.I offer love and relationship tarot but am also gifted with general readings as well with no judgement. I specialise in love and relationships and offer you spiritual insight in what the universe is telling me. I use tarot cards and the pendulum to give you most insightful readings I can possibly give. PIN: 3722
Kia (7516)
PIN: 7516
4.4(54 Reviews)
I read the Tarot and I’ve been reading for over twenty years now. I specialise in love and relationships and can cover general readings. I can tailor the reading to your specific questions. I’m a very good listener, compassionate, non-judgemental and extremely intuitive. PIN: 7516
John (7126)
PIN: 7126
4.4(26 Reviews)
I offer a passion of listening to understand the person I'm speaking to, using my spiritual gifts and best advice for the questions asked. My expertise is using all my gifts and opening up to each question and getting the questions answered through readings and being open to spiritual gifts. I also spend a time of reflective silence and thought before I startand I'm a very spiritual person. PIN: 7126
Helki (9617)
PIN: 9617
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I have been reading tarot for over ten years using my knowledge of the cards, intuition and connection with spirit. I'm also a numerologist who can read your numbers to help you understand the roles these numbers play in your life. I offer guidance-based tarot readings to answer your questions so you can leave the reading confident and assured. PIN: 9617
Caleb (4196)
PIN: 4196
2.6(87 Reviews)
I have been reading tarot cards on a professional level for the last 15 years and use angel cards as well. I'm here to assist you with love, relationships and career choices. I realized my psychic ability from the age of 7 and this was nurtured by my Grandmother. I use tarot cards, angel cards, I connect with spirit and also call upon my guide for assistance. I have strong intuitive skills also. Love and light. PIN: 4196
Angelica (7245)
PIN: 7245
4.5(43 Reviews)
Hello, my name is Angelica, and I am an intuitive reader. I am an experienced psychic, and I am here to support you in any situation. I will give you insight on your past lives. I will also look into the future for you. I specialise in relationships and love. I am very grounded, and on all readings, I am going to focus so that you achieve a higher state of consciousness and healing. PIN: 7245
Lisa (4322)
PIN: 4322
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I have always been very intuitive and recognised my role as an empath early in life. I have been reading tarot and angel decks professionally for four years and have gained clarity and guidance on any life situation or unique circumstances. I am also a Reiki Practitioner, and all these skills assist me in helping callers find clarity. Let me help you with your life questions. A warm welcome awaits. PIN: 4322
Iyan (8606)
PIN: 8606
4.1(24 Reviews)
My abilities include clairvoyance and astral projection - that’s how I communicate with the spirit to give you the best answers. I have four years of face-to-face tarot reading experience and I also did readings in many venues. I can offer clarity and insight for my callers’ situations and a judgemental free environment in which they can feel comfortable to talk about themselves. PIN: 8606
Winnie (8623)
PIN: 8623
4.4(89 Reviews)
I have many years' experience in working with spirit, and insight from my own Guides has helped me achieve success for myself. My main abilities include tarot reading, clear seeing and subtle visions in the Mind's Eye (a 'sixth sense ').I offer powerful psychic readings over the phone.I can connect with names and minor details to answer your specific questions. I can offer answers to questions relating to love, relationships,money and much more to ease uncertainty. PIN: 8623
Rose (2761)
PIN: 2761
4(66 Reviews)
I have been doing psychic, clairvoyance, mediumship and tarot readings for over 30 years. I conduct face to face and telephone readings. With my gift I can look into many areas of callers concerns to find the answers they are seeking. My readings are delivered with care, understand and non-judgemental. I can look into relationships, career, home moves and love ones who has passed to the Spirit world. PIN: 2761
Jason (5242)
PIN: 5242
4.4(51 Reviews)
I've been working with my spirit guide for over ten years. I use my clients' frequency and spiritual energy to provide a fulfilling reading and will assist in relaxing and calming my clients. Over these years, I've enjoyed the smile and happiness that my clients have experienced after my reading. I am confident that after my reading, you will feel the same way too. PIN: 5242
Mandi (8260)
PIN: 8260
3.7(75 Reviews)
I have been working as a Psychic Medium for a few decades and I have life experience and also empathy and I am a good listener. I use my Spiritual cards but can work hands free as some callers prefer no cards used in their Reading. I guess my speciality would be in Relationships as I seem to get to the heart of the issue as soon as I link in. PIN: 8260
Busy (1 minute)
Maria Ann (2190)
Maria Ann
PIN: 2190
4.9(16 Reviews)
I have worked with angel and tarot cards and the crystal ball with other specific tools, including the pendulum, for over 15 years. I am an experienced clairvoyant and clairsentient with psychic abilities working with many tools to bring my client clarity. I feel it’s essential to go in-depth with my readings and give insight into the past, present, and future. PIN: 2190
Busy (1 minute)
Sky (8637)
PIN: 8637
4.5(52 Reviews)
I'm a clairvoyant and a tarot card reader. I can do general readings, work and finance readings, but primarily, I specialize in love and relationship readings and soul connections. I can feel all manner of energies and foretell events that have not yet come to pass, as well events that have long passed. PIN: 8637
Busy (2 minutes)
Pat (9566)
PIN: 9566
4.5(136 Reviews)
I am a Psychic Spiritual Coach & Meditation Practitioner. I have over 20 years experience of giving readings. I can offer assistance and advice in a caring and compassionate manner. I can also tune into people around you, giving you insight. I like to bring through as much information as possible. I specialize in Love and Relationships but can offer general readings. PIN: 9566
Busy (3 minutes)
Yvette (7762)
PIN: 7762
4.3(18 Reviews)
I am a psychic tarot reader with over 20 years of experience. I will do my utmost to provide you with any answers you are looking for. I am an empath; therefore, I am non-judgemental, and all my readings are compassionate and warm. Please contact me for a professional psychic tarot reading today. Let’s see what the cards reveal. I look forward to speaking to you. PIN: 7762
Busy (3 minutes)
Lisa (5640)
PIN: 5640
4.8(51 Reviews)
I am an intuitive reader using tarot card decks. From young always knew I had something, which has developed as I have got older.I will offer a non judgemental, caring, compassionate love reading. Finding answers to your questions. I have continued to develop my gift through meditation and studying other readers. PIN: 5640
Busy (6 minutes)
Jonathan (8739)
PIN: 8739
4.3(18 Reviews)
I offer an Enlightening, non judgmental and hopefully enjoyable reading. My psychic gifts have always worked best when inspired by the Tarot cards. I have used the same deck for 27 years, tried others but, always return to my special ones. After all these years I am still prepared & enjoy fresh ideas & I am currentlyliving in Spain putting the final touches to a romance language that has always fascinated me. PIN: 8739
Busy (8 minutes)
Matthew (9467)
PIN: 9467
4.7(83 Reviews)
I am a Psychic, Tarot reader with over 20 years of experience. I have been reading professionally for over 10 years. I am empathic, caring and love providing people with the answers they seek. I feel that it is my duty to provide you with a professional reading that is non judgemental an understanding. My specialist readings are on Love and Relationships. PIN: 9467
Busy (8 minutes)
Grace (6134)
PIN: 6134
3.4(14 Reviews)
Thank you, dear soul, for choosing and trusting me to be a small part of your personal and spiritual journey. I offer remote TAROT CARD READINGS, REIKI SESSIONS, CHAKRA BALANCING, and GUIDED MEDITATION, where all you need to do is open yourself up to the experience; and trust your practitioner—me. I promise that you are in good hands.PIN: 6134
Busy (8 minutes)
Fiona (4435)
PIN: 4435
2.1(36 Reviews)
When I first started reading tarot I was amazed by how spot on the insights are that readings provide.Over the years I have learned to work beyond the plain meanings of the cards and with experience I have found that tarot simply speaks to me. Whether you're asking about love and relationships, work andmoney I can provide a insight into your life path. PIN: 4435
Busy (9 minutes)
Blaine (4334)
PIN: 4334
3.4(122 Reviews)
Hello I am Blaine a Tarot reader with over 20 years experience I use the cards as a tool for guidance. My readings are uncannily unique and I believe in positive readings and that only you can change things as we all have free will. Over the years I have advised a lot of people so for an honest and clear reading please ring PIN NUMBER 4334
Busy (14 minutes)
Guy (1894)
PIN: 1894
2.9(204 Reviews)
My name is Guy. I have a blessed gift of being able to specifically channel into the deepest thoughts of your loved one, or love related interest you would really like to know more about. I will try my absolute best to get you the answers you need during your reading with me. I look forward to sharing my gift with you in a reading. PIN 1894
Busy (16 minutes)
Rose (5226)
PIN: 5226
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I'm a compassionate, experienced psychic and spiritual counsellor. I've been gifted from birth and have applied my gift my entire adult life to help others. I'm intuitive, empathetic, and insightful. I'm a general reader; I specialise in all areas of life, including love, career, relationships, and family. I can conduct general readings and one-question readings. PIN: 5226
Busy (18 minutes)
Kerry (4191)
PIN: 4191
4.2(94 Reviews)
I do tarot reading, I feel I am very spiritual and have been doing so for about 2-3 years. I can offer a callers a very insightful reading and feel I am very easy to talk to and connect with. I specialize in tarot readings using tarot cards and can feel a insight-fullness into your life using the cards. I have been practicing tarot reading for about 2 years now but feel I have always been a spiritual person. I use my spiritual intuition as well as my tarot cards. PIN: 4191
Busy (29 minutes)
Julia (6622)
PIN: 6622
4.7(163 Reviews)
Its Julia here, and I come to cross your life because most likely you were seeking for me. I am a professional tarot reader with many years of experience. I am specialised in love readings, and since love is everywhere, you can let me know on whether that is family, friends, colleagues or someone special for you, that you want to know about. I believe that psychic abilities are handled from higher powers, to people, whose psyche is enriched with emotions. PIN: 6622
Busy (29 minutes)
Veo (2477)
PIN: 2477
4.1(35 Reviews)
I'm a Natural intuitive reader - gifted 33 years (since birth) 3 years on paper. When booking a private consultation with me I hope to provide a sense of Healing & knowledge, understanding and empathy. Also I'm able to give an understanding of aspects of astrology and how it can be used for the better. PIN: 2477
Busy (31 minutes)
Rachel (1449)
PIN: 1449
3.2(176 Reviews)
I am a psychic and use tarot cards as a tool to connect with spirit on any chosen subject. I have been reading professionally for a number of years. My readings consist of past, present and future events and I can home in on certain areas of your life. For example relationships, career prospects etc. However my area of expertise is relationships and matters of the heart. PIN: 1449
Busy (34 minutes)
Daisy (5876)
PIN: 5876
4(179 Reviews)
I am your spiritual psychic medium today. I am so happy to share with you that I have been blessed with my gift for quite sometime. This has been passed down from the matriarch of the family, my grandmother.I cherish my gift and carry with so much honour. My readings are in-depth and as a tool I use tarot cards alongside my natural psychic abilities. My readings can bring clarity, confirmation of what you already know and unexpected insights. PIN: 5876
Busy (35 minutes)
Sasha (4107)
PIN: 4107
4.2(85 Reviews)
I am a Tarot empath with 20 years of experience. I am here to assist people to find their true inner wisdom. I want to assist you with love, career and relationships. I come from a family of psychics and their beautiful gifts have been passed onto me. I know use my gifts to read for people from all over the world. Let's find your true light and let's answer your questions today. PIN: 4107
Busy (36 minutes)
Lyman (1442)
PIN: 1442
4.4(16 Reviews)
I'm a Tarot Reader who draws psychic abilities through reading tarot cards with the assistance of my Spirit Guides.I've had this gift all my life and have continuously worked to improve my abilities to the successful state I have today. PIN: 1442
Busy (42 minutes)
Sadie (3431)
PIN: 3431
3.4(310 Reviews)
Hello, you're through to Sadie. I very much look forward to sharing my spiritual wisdom with you. I am helped, assisted and guided by the spirit world. I will give you a sincere and in depth reading, that I hope helps to enrich, enlighten, and empower your life to steer you in a positive direction from here on. PIN: 3431
Busy (about 1 hour)
Raven (1293)
PIN: 1293
4.7(75 Reviews)
I was awakened over twenty years ago and in the time since, I have learned many skills and abilities to bring spiritual light to others. I have read tarot for over 22 years and I have been able to offer mediumship to others for 20 years. I had my healing abilities awakened and taught to me by my guide. I am able to give readings that allow others to heal, the words I use and the tone of my voice often brings clarity and peace to my clients without me realising. PIN: 1293
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Passion (2000)
PIN: 2000
4.3(59 Reviews)
I have been on a spiritual journey for many years, which lead me to tarot two years ago. I read the cards through intuition, whilst connecting with the Divine spiritual beings. I trust in my Spirit beings to give me clarity and confirmation of any uncertainties. PIN: 2000
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Madeline (4626)
PIN: 4626
3(248 Reviews)
I've been working with my spirit guide now for over 40 years. I connect directly on a psychic level, as well as through the tarot cards, and it's been an absolute joy to be able to assist so many people in that time. The advice and predictions we receive is truly humbling and can make such a difference. So, whatever you have on your mind today, I'm confident that along with my spirit guide, we will be able to assist you. PIN 4626
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Blossom (9859)
PIN: 9859
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Tarot is a calling that resonates deeply with my soul. My connection with my spirit guides supports messages to flow freely and continues to grow. I love reading for others; it is an innate part of my identity. I have been a Clairsentient & Claircognizance Tarot reader for over two decades, working professionally for five. My style is direct with a gentle, joyous approach, offering deep compassion and clarity when most needed. PIN: 9859
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Daphne (6320)
PIN: 6320
3.5(116 Reviews)
I am psychic clairvoyant, clairsentient and medium with over 15 years of experience.I connect with my spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over.I can offer detailed and insightful readings that offer callers clarity and peace of mind in a straightforward way.I specialise in all areas like work and relationships, and I use my spiritual gift and spirit guides to connect naturally with people by sensing their energy. PIN: 6320
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Axelle (4293)
PIN: 4293
4.7(98 Reviews)
Born in the South of France in the mountains, I've been very much connected to Nature relying on my intuition from an early age. This connection to Nature has been paramount. My tarot readings are precise and straight to the point but most importantly insightful. Spot on and uplifting as many have said. PIN: 4293
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Lilyfire (1080)
PIN: 1080
4.3(72 Reviews)
I am able to do tarot and astrology. I use guides of Angels and Gods and Goddesses. I am a clairvoyant. Read aura. I was born with these gifts of psychic abilitiesI offer you compassion and empathy. I am non judgemental. I offer positive vibes and blessings. I specialise in love and relationships, from partner to family, friend or work. I also deal with luck. I use my psychic abilities to find the right tools to assist you with your journey. PIN: 1080
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Yolanda (6050)
PIN: 6050
4.5(42 Reviews)
I am a third-generation tarot reader with over 10 years of experience. I work with the cards and with my spirit guide lucky. I get regular messages from him when I am reading for my clients. Lucky has been with mesincechildhood, so I use a combination of messages from him as well as looking to see what the cards have to say in order to assist people with their questions. PIN: 6050
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Mandal (3101)
PIN: 3101
4.3(23 Reviews)
I am a compassionate and experienced psychic tarot reader with the ability to see into the past and future. I am here to listen and assist when you are feeling down. I am an intuitive, insightful and I'm extremely passionate about providing you with a professional and calming reading. I specialise in love, relationships, spiritual healing energy control, and family issues. I can conduct general readings and answer to all your questions. PIN: 3101
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Selena (5395)
PIN: 5395
4.3(22 Reviews)
I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I have over 5 years of experience. I can offer a full, detailed, professional reading on your present and future. I specialise in love, relationships, and family issues. I discovered my spiritual gifts when I was a teenager and had telepathic visions with my sister. PIN: 5395
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Hayley Jayne (8992)
Hayley Jayne
PIN: 8992
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I have had a psychic gift since age 4; I have seen many life events happen before they unfold right before me. I have been working professionally for three years, assisting people of all ages, mainly in love and relationships. I am very understanding and empathetic towards others. I enjoy reading and look forward to giving you messages and insight. PIN: 8992
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Psychic Jan (2375)
Psychic Jan
PIN: 2375
4.3(35 Reviews)
I am a spiritual healer practiced in the art of shamanism, card reading and astrology.I have been giving readings since I was a teenager; about twenty years now and also there is psychic roots in the family tree.I can give you insight on love, feelings, friendship, career and also deeper insights into characters. My favourite area is astrology where I have given compatibility and personal readings.I am familiar with Tarot and trained in the heart of Glastonbury. PIN: 2375
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Phil (1387)
PIN: 1387
3.3(188 Reviews)
I have over twenty years experience as a Tarot card reader,both over the phone and on a face to face level. When you contact me for a reading you can be assured that I will find all the aspects of the situation that is going on around you.I can focus on past influences,the dilemma that is challenging you at the present,and away forward that provides a long lasting positive final outcome. PIN: 1387
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Dave (2013)
PIN: 2013
4.2(5 Reviews)
As an experienced psychic and tarot reader with over a decade of experience, I inherited my gift from my family. I began honing my abilities at the young age of 13-14, and to my surprise, I quickly discovered my natural aptitude for reading and psychic insight. Throughout my journey, I have also successfully utilised the law of attraction to enhance my practice. PIN: 2013
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Sandy (5575)
PIN: 5575
4.4(31 Reviews)
I've been reading tarot cards for my family and friends for around 15 years. The tarot is a good insight tool if you're feeling stuck or at a crossroads. I use them as a tool to find answers to everyday matters. If you're concerned about love or have career issues, I can look at the cards to reveal their feelings on a situation.You can feel at ease with me. I work in a calm still environment. I'm understanding, caring and non-judgemental. PIN: 5575
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Mia (9920)
PIN: 9920
3.6(17 Reviews)
I offer tarot card reading and psychic readings. With my tarot card reading, you will likely find all the answers you need, which will assist you with any decisions you need to make. On the other hand, while doing psychic readings, I can tap into someone’s energy to assist to map out their future. I use a unique reading method for each client. Usually, for every reading, I use a combination of both unless required to choose one specific. PIN: 9920
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Jasmin (1678)
PIN: 1678
4(169 Reviews)
I am a lady with over 50 years experience in this field. I have always been aware of my spiritual abilities and am honoured to be able to use this gift to assist others. I regularly have premonitions and dreams that have come true. I have a passion for Astrology and use this knowledge when doing my readings. PIN: 1678
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Rufus (7288)
PIN: 7288
4.6(47 Reviews)
I can offer telepathic insight (fortune-telling). I can also contact some who have passed over and receive messages from spirit guides. I’ve done over forty years of private, confidential, and unadvertised experience as a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. I have a calm persona and very polite one-to-one communication skills. PIN: 7288
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John (1505)
PIN: 1505
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I have accumulated over 13 years of experience in clairvoyance, using my third eye and guidance from my spirit. I can give my clients the clarity they need in a non-judgmental and kind manner. I use my third eye and my guidance from spirit to guide my clients and assist them in many areas of their lives. I became aware of my abilities at 11, and my family has offered me support and guidance to sharpen my skills. PIN: 1505
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Ed (4207)
PIN: 4207
4.5(6 Reviews)
Hi, my name is Ed, and I have been reading Tarot for over twenty years. My readings are highly influenced by the flow of psychic energy that we create at the moment. The deeper the connection we have invited, the more profound the reading. I work mostly through intuition and empathy. I have been reunited with guides from my childhood. I think more of them as guardians, but they do guide my readings. PIN: 4207
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Sapphire (9397)
PIN: 9397
4.6(42 Reviews)
I am a Psychic Medium working with my spirit guides and assisted by various tools, the main being my energy cards and sometimes tarot. I am also a clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant.I have been giving readings professionally for the last couple of years. PIN: 9397
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Mary Jane (9862)
Mary Jane
PIN: 9862
4.5(75 Reviews)
I'm a professional award winning tarot consultant, with over 30 years experience inpsychic, clairvoyant readings, specialising in Love, Work, relationships and family.l use the Marseille tarot deck and also the oracle ascended master's cards. I wasborn with the gift of a healing energy encouraged by my mother, she was a earth angel herself. I'm a fully awakened empath who is compassionate in all her readings. PIN: 9862
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Ricky (6594)
PIN: 6594
2.3(140 Reviews)
I focus strongly on the Tarot cards for my readings. I love to brighten people's moods by showing them the good aspects of their readings. I have vision and sense of future events and I mainly do readings on love, romance, career etc. PIN NUMBER 6594
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Angela (2976)
PIN: 2976
4.3(115 Reviews)
I have been reading tarot cards for over 15 yers. I am naturally extremely intuitive and have an ability to connect with my clients through voice vibrations. I am a good listener and am very compassionate in my readings. I tend to use the celtic spread as I believe this gives me the most concise reading. I can answer your questions about love, money and relationships and more via cards picked by you. Discover what the future holds for you. Pin: 2976
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Peter (5594)
PIN: 5594
4.5(84 Reviews)
I’m an intuitive Tarot reader and have been reading for over 10 years. I have a wealth of life-experience; both good and bad, as a partner, parent, family man and as a career professional and mentor.I’ve experienced the full gambit of events that life can throw at a person and as such I’ve been both burnished by adversity and strengthened by love to be a better, confident, more caring and spiritual person. PIN: 5594
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Lion Satori (8996)
Lion Satori
PIN: 8996
4.8(65 Reviews)
I specialize in love, family relationships, and dream psychic readings. I have been in the field for over 10 years assisting others to become enlightened and pointing them to their rightful destiny. I use the frequency and energy from the client to provide a fulfilling reading that will assist to relax the client. PIN: 8996
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Bruno (8665)
PIN: 8665
4.5(18 Reviews)
I was born Psychic and have developed my gift through continuous learning and experiences; I have been doing this professionally for over ten years, throughout the times I’ve studied and gained qualifications in many subjects, i.e.; Psychic Tarot card Reader, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Psychic counsellor, Law of attraction. I can offer a relaxed, non-judgemental reading filled with insightful messages channelled from spirit for my client's benefit and the highest good. PIN: 8665
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Kane (1478)
PIN: 1478
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Since childhood, I used to read for my family, and now I am more than happy to read professionally and conduct readings daily to assist people. I have eight years of experience as a tarot psychic reader. I want to support and inspire everyone to become their best version. I am focused on tarot cards, oracle cards, psychic and clairvoyant readings. PIN: 1478
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Gypsy Sue (8482)
Gypsy Sue
PIN: 8482
4.6(47 Reviews)
I have been seeing and hearing spirit since a child. I am hear to listen and assist you to understand that loved ones are still with you and love you. I am a Clairvoyant Medium and I see and hear spirit and loved animals that have past over. I am a reiki healer trained counsellor and I love giving crystal healing. PIN: 8482
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Leela (9284)
PIN: 9284
4.3(43 Reviews)
I have always been an empathetic Child. I can remember having visions, seeing spirits, and thinking, what If anyone else saw my gift. My gift Is third generational, so I have always had it and used my gift. I have always used my gift naturally. I’ve been using my gift for so many years. For over 25 years, I’ve assisted so many people to get back on the right path. PIN: 9284
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Serenity (4413)
PIN: 4413
3.8(18 Reviews)
Hello, my name is Serenity, and I work with spirit and tarot to give you insight and clarity-filled readings that will answer your questions. My gift came to me nine years ago, and it has strengthened throughout the years. I offer empathy and compassion, and I offer professional and caring readings. I do not judge; I am down to earth and want to give you the best reading possible. PIN: 4413
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Liz (2602)
PIN: 2602
4.2(72 Reviews)
Hello I am Liz. I work with a higher intelligence to bring you positive and clarity filled readings. I work in a natural and open way to bring you the very best readings. I have been reading tarot for 20 years and have grown considerably. Spirit is always around me allowing me to provide you with a detailed reading. PIN: 2602
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Jojo (9636)
PIN: 9636
4.7(14 Reviews)
I have been using tarot and oracle cards for over ten years. I read the cards intuitively, which means that I let the cards speak through me by tuning into the energies and images that the cards draw my attention to. I can offer a safe, non-judgmental space with a compassionate reader who will listen and assist you with care, patience, and thoughtful consideration of your circumstances. PIN: 9636
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Amber (8506)
PIN: 8506
4.1(44 Reviews)
I am a psychic and tarot card reader. I have 23 years experience. I offer a full, detailed, professional reading on your present and future. I specialize in love, relationships and family issues. Since my mid 20's, I have been able to predict things that will happen, leading to readings for friends and it has grown over the years to me reading professionally for the last ten years. I am calm by nature and have a non judgemental approach. PIN: 8506
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Rosalia (8011)
PIN: 8011
4.3(111 Reviews)
My gift was discovered when I was about three years old. Since then I have been doing random readings for family and friends as well as on a professional level. My areas of expertise are daily spiritual insight which is normally in the form of picking up on your aura as I chat to you. I also do dream interpretation, love, relationships and family issues. PIN: 8011
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David (2437)
PIN: 2437
3.8(176 Reviews)
My tarot card readings are very informative and delivered with passion. I ensure that all my readings are spoken with openness and integrity. For 20 years I have been fortunate to assist many different people with my readings, no matter what the problem or dilemma others might be facing with at this moment. My readings have been beneficial to others and have given some useful insights to assist people move forward with their life. PIN: 2437
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Sol (1038)
PIN: 1038
3.6(51 Reviews)
I have always had a deep interest in Flower Essence Healing and the tribal teachings from the Amazonian Rainforest. I started to read the Tarot cards in my twenties, when I was interested in Buddhism and Yoga. Now that I am in my forties, married, with 3 kids, I wish to assist people to access their innate joy, beauty and creativity through the insight of the Tarot. The Tarotcards I believe, reflect back to us what lies beneath the surface of our conscious mind. PIN: 1038
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Dianne (1770)
PIN: 1770
4.3(41 Reviews)
I have worked with my cards and spirit guide for over 20 years as a psychic tarot reader, at psychic shows, phone lines and personal readings. I offer a non-judgmental and compassionate reading, and aim to answer all your questions for insight on what the future holds. I specialize in work and love however my readings are not just limited to work and love. I use tarot, angel cards and crystals to work with my guides to bring clarity and calmness to most situations.PIN: 1770
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Melissa (1408)
PIN: 1408
3.9(15 Reviews)
I am a compassionate and experienced psychic and tarot reader with 30 years of experience. I also use the pendulum, crystals and angel and devil cards for working on aspects of self. I am here to help you when you feel down and like life is not being kind to you. PIN: 1408
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Kay (6347)
PIN: 6347
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I’m a psychic tarot card reader with 30 years of experience. I use tarot cards to guide you through difficult times in your life and to give you my full attention and spiritual experience. As a child, I knew I had a gift to help people through difficult times, passed down through generations of my family. Please call me for either a psychic or tarot reading today. PIN: 6347
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Francis (7557)
PIN: 7557
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I am compassionate, non-judgmental and a good listener with 4years of professional experience. I offer my valued callers professional and quality tarot and psychic reading services. I specialise in Love, Relationships and family-related issues and use my spiritual gifts and tarot cards to find answers. PIN: 7557
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Auric (8959)
PIN: 8959
4.7(85 Reviews)
I am a psychic intuitive reader with over 15 years’ experience. I have been psychic from an early age; however my psychic ability expanded and grew in a manifold way, when I totally lost the vision in my right eye. Spiritually speaking: ‘When one eye closes, another one opens!’ I am legally blind and hope that my God given gifts can assist you on your life journey. I specialise in love and relationships, career, and any other curve ball situation. PIN: 8959
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Carris (6947)
PIN: 6947
2.9(33 Reviews)
Hi I'm Carris a psychic medium here to assist you connect to loved ones in the Spirit world. I have had over 20 years experience and can assist you on many levels for insight and understanding please ring me BLESSED BE PIN NUMBER 6947
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Jo (9523)
PIN: 9523
4.3(56 Reviews)
My name is Jo and I have many years of highly valuable experience within the fields of mediumship, the art of Tarot reading, as well as Psychic Clairvoyance. I have an overwhelming ability to provide highly enlightening readings as regards matters relating to love, matters of the heart, relationships, etc., also providing expert insight on various matters such as finance, career, healing and indeed family matters.PIN: 9523
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Annastascia (4411)
PIN: 4411
4.4(19 Reviews)
Annastascia is a very experienced and well-renowned professional reader. She has been working at the highest levels of her field for nearly thirty years. She has spoken with clients from well-known business corporations, famous personalities, and the public. She can provide you with a clear, concise, and understanding reading and undertaken with the strictest of confidentiality and professionalism.PIN: 4411
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Shirley Ann (1248)
Shirley Ann
PIN: 1248
3(199 Reviews)
I read tarot cards using intuition and clairvoyance to enhance you reading. I'm a gifted Angel card reader bring the light of the spiritual realms into every day situations. I believe when empowered by positive thought we can each create all that is desired in our lives.I am a natural healer and Reiki master and use crystal light to bring clarity to each situation. PIN: 1248
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Natasha (1851)
PIN: 1851
2.6(83 Reviews)
Welcome I am Natasha a Tarot reader and Psychic here to assist you with love, relationships and career choices. I realized my psychic ability from the age of 7 and this was nurtured by my Mother and Grandmother who are both also psychic. I also work with crystals and the power of the Earth to give you a deep and meaningful reading. Love and Light PIN NUMBER 1851
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Shauna (3743)
PIN: 3743
2.7(150 Reviews)
I have worked on the tarot line for over twenty years. I really started getting interestedin tarot reading out of curiosity. My main abilities are reading the tarot cards, psychic readings and understanding and feeling peoples dreams. The cards I read are called "The Ryder Waite", cards. Please call me today for a warm and dedicated reading personally for you. PIN: 3743
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Amber (5159)
PIN: 5159
4.3(15 Reviews)
I have over 10 years experience. My abilities were gifted to me and nurtured by my ancestors. I offer an open and clear reading to my callers. I am non-judgmental and provide unbiased readings that are personal to you and your questions. I specialise in Love and Relationship and Career readings. PIN: 5159
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Desherma (5001)
PIN: 5001
4.6(28 Reviews)
I found out that I had this gift from the age of 7 when I started to predict the future and saw more than one outcome of a situation. I've been in this field for over eight years. I'm more than capable of providing you with a professional reading. I'm a psychic reader who listens to the universe and the ancestors of my lineage. PIN: 5001
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Ivy Arrow (6380)
Ivy Arrow
PIN: 6380
4.4(9 Reviews)
I have intense energies with intuition and balance. I assist others in finding their ultimate path in the universe. It is the incredible job the universe gave me when I was in my teens. I provide spiritual advice that brings healing. I am very transparent, listen well, and never judge my client's situation. My specialities are love and relationship, career and general readings. PIN: 6380
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Matumbae (1185)
PIN: 1185
4.7(38 Reviews)
I have been a Hindu spiritual reader for the past 6 years. I have been a specialist in family advice, Relationships, careers and saving marriages. I am a very considerate person who truly wants to assist others. I offer my valued customers a professional reading, sometimes not what they want to hear but incisive and a very thoughtful reading, with advice that is down to earth. PIN: 1185
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Neil (2480)
PIN: 2480
2.5(222 Reviews)
Hello I am Neil an experienced Tarot and Psychic reader with over 17 years worth of experience. I specialize in love, relationships, family matters and career issues. I will try my up most to answer all of your questions in a friendly and non judgemental way. PIN: 2480
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Jenny (2818)
PIN: 2818
4.2(101 Reviews)
I have always been psychic from a very young age. I started using my gift 35 years ago.I offer psychic readings using tarot cards lenormand. My spirit guide will guide me to assist you. I specialise in tarot lenormand. I use a crystal ball and pendulum. I am from a very psychic family. I have had my ability from a child. I started doing readings for friends to start with 35 years ago. PIN: 2818
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Charlie (2591)
PIN: 2591
3.5(205 Reviews)
I'm a medium clairvoyant and I have been doing readings for over 10 years and I can connect very intuitively with you over the phone to inspire and assist you through many areas of your life including Love,relationships issues, financial, family or just everyday questions about the past,present and future. I do tarot card readings,crystal ball,spiritual readings. I look forward to speaking to you very soon. PIN: 2591
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Yvette (1458)
PIN: 1458
3.2(159 Reviews)
Hello, my name is Yvette. I am a medium and spiritual healer with over 25 years worth of experience. I am a caring, very spiritual and non judgemental person. I really would like to read for you and provide you with the answers to your questions, or even give you a general reading for the next few months. PIN: 1458
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Moon Dove (7064)
Moon Dove
PIN: 7064
3.9(13 Reviews)
My spiritual abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. I also work with my intuitive and empathetic abilities in my readings to assist clients in bringing them clarity. My readings are not for predictions, as I leave the future to you. I believe the past creates the present, but the future can be altered. I thank you for your choosing me to read for you. PIN: 7064
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Emma (8153)
PIN: 8153
4.6(9 Reviews)
I am an experienced tarot card reader who has been providing tarot readings for the last six years. I am a compassionate reader and a good listener, and I will do my best to provide you with the clarity you may seek. I use the Tarot of Marseilles as they always provide a clear pathway for issues the client may face. PIN: 8153
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Azurite (4379)
PIN: 4379
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Greetings! I am a Tarot/Oracle reader. I work through breathing techniques, energy, and crystals to pull the energy of each card to get to the inner depths of each situation or question you may need to clarify to bring you peace. I am here to help you become at ease in each area of your life, strengthen your confidence, and help you regain your best self! PIN: 4379
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Michael (7797)
PIN: 7797
4.1(54 Reviews)
I am a Psychic, Spiritual & Tarot card reader with 15 years experience. I can provide a Tarot card reading followed by a Spiritual aura reading. I specialise in Love, Relationships and issues with the family. And, I use Tarot cards & your Spiritual aura to answer questions that you have as well as tell you about your past, present and future. PIN: 7797
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Mya (5750)
PIN: 5750
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I am a third-generation, clairvoyant empath, psychic and life coach with over 20 years of experience reading for people from all walks of life. I am here to offer you a compassionate, empathetic, non-judgmental reading that is straightforward and clear reading. I will guide you on your paths by providing hope, clarity, peace, and understanding. PIN: 5750
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Irene (1263)
PIN: 1263
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I have different gifts that I use, including clairvoyance (ability to see things), clairaudience (ability to hear), cartomancy (prediction using cards), and mediumship. I have 20+ years of helping others using my tarot cards. I offer a direct, personal reading specialising in the client's individual needs. I provide spiritual enlightenment and will our readings to the best of my abilities to address your questions and concerns. PIN: 1263
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Lee (8829)
PIN: 8829
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I have nearly 15 years of reading experience, and my abilities have been passed down from both ancestral lines. I offer compassion and empathy with a good listening ear. I offer clarity for decision-making. I mainly specialise in relationships and how to navigate them.I use a compilation of tarot and angel cards that correspond with spirit. I use all three to provide my readings. PIN: 8829
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Star Tarot (4397)
Star Tarot
PIN: 4397
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I have been doing professional tarot readings for psychic telephone lines for many years. Currently, I use the Rider Waite set of cards. This includes the Celtic Cross reading, Relationship spread, Astrological general reading, Dream interpretations, and Astrological compatibility between sun signs and future trends in the past. I empower clients to develop their intuition and latent psychic abilities. PIN: 4397
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Colby (9983)
PIN: 9983
4.7(41 Reviews)
Over the past 30 years, I discovered a deep spiritual level at a young age through meditation. I have honed this over the years. My psychic ability I find hard to explain, and the things I intuitively know. I am very easy to talk to and a great listener—compassionate, non-judgemental with a sense of humour. I will give you a clear, concise reading to help you make decisions and provide you with self-understanding. PIN: 9983
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Angelica (2534)
PIN: 2534
3.7(55 Reviews)
I am Angelica an intuitive/spiritual counselor and a Certified Angel Tarot and Angel Oracle card reader. I combine professional skillful; intuitive in depth card reading with my array of E.S.P. multi-faceted natural spiritual abilities; including telepathy; I am a natural psychic; clairsentient healer and much more. I am an assuring; calm; caring; compassionate and non-judgmental person. PIN: 2534
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Clarity (3373)
PIN: 3373
3.8(28 Reviews)
Except for dowsing to clear complex issues or determine timelines and probability of future outcomes, my only tools are mental images created in my mind’s eye. I connect with your name. Because these are energy fields I see, a question is required for focus, so I do not offer “general” readings. To determine your question before calling, ask yourself, “When this call is over, I want to know or understand,” and fill in the blank! PIN: 3373
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Scarlet (2712)
PIN: 2712
4.6(112 Reviews)
Hello, I am Scarlet an experienced Psychic Tarot reader who see's visions. I was passed my gifts from my mother who was a phenomenal reader. At age 18 my natural gifts started to emerge. I see visual images of the future and I use the Tarot as a complimentary tool to these images. Please call me for a reading today. PIN: 2712
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Victoria (5200)
PIN: 5200
3.3(121 Reviews)
For over 30 years, my spiritual abilities have been concentrated in Tarot and Psy Card readings. I use my intuition to understand the spread of Tarot Cards to give spiritual clarity by conveying what is going to happen in the future with regards to a particular person, place or event. Please call me for a professional Tarot card reading today. PIN: 5200
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Scorpion Eye (4678)
Scorpion Eye
PIN: 4678
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I am a tarot reader and connect by using astrology through numerology and remote viewing to get the answers. I have been reading cards for 20 years and reading professionally for three years. I offer tarot readings of all kinds, black moon readings and advice on spiritual healing practices to assist customers. PIN: 4678
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Psychic Katie (3107)
Psychic Katie
PIN: 3107
3(193 Reviews)
I have many years experience in tarot card reading. I am naturally a very intuitive person and I connect using voice vibration. I also have the ability to connect with spirits and how to interpret the messages I receive from them. I meditate frequently to keep my abilities on top form. PIN: 3107
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Shaun (2899)
PIN: 2899
4.1(60 Reviews)
My spiritual gifts is empathy clairsentience and clairaudience. I have practiced for the last 3 years. I offer my valued time to callers being compassionate, understanding taking the time to listen and empower them. My area I specialize is the love,relationships being a emotional psychic gives me the ability feeling the emotional states of others,also having the ability of clairsentience. PIN: 2899
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Samantha (1347)
PIN: 1347
3.6(101 Reviews)
You know that never ending dark tunnel, the bottom of the pit when you feel as if you have no way out and nobody there to assist you? We all know the one I am talking about - I will guide you to find the light at the end of that tunnel with my natural psychic abilities. PIN NUMBER 1347
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Sandra (4620)
PIN: 4620
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I have been reading for over 23 years. I am spiritually gifted with clairvoyance, and I also use cards during my readings. I offer my clients a straightforward and direct reading; I do my best to be straightforward but with compassion and a heart. As a Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor, I can offer insight into all life matters by tapping into you on a spiritual, mental, and emotional level. PIN: 4620
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Lucy (8061)
PIN: 8061
3.1(101 Reviews)
Hi I mainly use the Tarot cards and crystals to give you a fulfilling reading. I have been offering readings for over 30 years and I specialize with problems of the heart. I am a member of the psychic university and practice my abilities daily. I work as a medium and can assist you in contacting your loved ones. I also offer guidance with career issues. PIN NUMBER 8061
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Rita (2571)
PIN: 2571
4.1(16 Reviews)
I'm Rita, an experienced Tarot card reader. The Tarot provides me with an outlet for my intuitive and empathic senses. Over the years I have read for a wide variety of people from all over the world. I am a confident Tarot reader and I hope to be able to reach more people here. Please call me for a warm, concise and friendly Tarot reading. PIN: 2571
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Mystic May (2931)
Mystic May
PIN: 2931
4.5(445 Reviews)
I work with tarot, crystals and using my clairvoyance medium skills working with my guide lucky Buddah. I offer a positive friendly uplifting reading for future and I am here to provide you with a professional reading, hopefully answering all of your questions. My gift was passed to me from my grandmother and has developed over the last 20 years. Let's look into your future or make spiritual connections today. PIN: 2931
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Alana (9288)
PIN: 9288
4.6(65 Reviews)
Over a life time of experience being the 7th daughter of a seventh daughter over 5 generations. My gifts are Tarot Clairvoyance Spirt Cards and Voice Vibration. I am non judgmental and I am always understanding with kind consideration for all questions that need answers. PIN: 9288
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Janet (2790)
PIN: 2790
2.2(227 Reviews)
I am an experienced psychic, tarot card reader, reiki master and angel card reader. I am also a professional clairvoyant medium. I have been conducting readings for over 27 years and I am truly looking forward to connecting with you today. Call me on love, career, finance, family and direction. PIN: 2790
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Goldie (5484)
PIN: 5484
2.4(55 Reviews)
Goldie, Is an Spiritualist Church evidential medium, clairaudient, clairsentient with over 25 years experience. She specialises in tarot readings in love and career/work readings and has been working on live psychic lines for over 14 years. She is a Professional Astrologer, great listener is non judgmental and sympathetic. Pin 5484
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Precious Pearl (7666)
Precious Pearl
PIN: 7666
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I'm a tarot card reader, and I use my intuition, empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, and the pendulum to obtain messages from the cards. I studied dance when I was very young, and I felt an energy around me, and I just knew and accepted there was a higher intelligence.I would describe the energy as a light or an angelic being. I felt immense joy. In real life, in later years, I believe I have encountered angels. PIN: 7666
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Shubhra (8861)
PIN: 8861
4.7(22 Reviews)
My name is Shubhra. I am a psychic, tarot card reader, and oracle card reader and well versed in tropical and vedic astrology. I have read for 2000-plus clients all over the world. I have four years of professional experience and seven years of practice. I am friendly, non-judgemental, and approachable. I am very ready to assist people with all their problems. PIN: 8861
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Sunni (3826)
PIN: 3826
4.7(19 Reviews)
I am a Psychic Clairvoyant, which helps me connect with a person's energy. I am also an Empath, meaning I can pick up what a person and the people around them are feeling and the motives of others. PIN: 3826
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Atalanta (6959)
PIN: 6959
3.6(9 Reviews)
I'm Atalanta, a Psychic Tarot Reader with over 40 years of experience. My specialities are psychic tarot, dream interpretation, mediumship; life andcareer path; love and relationships. It will be a pleasure and privilege to speak with you soon. PIN: 6959
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Lady Bless (7327)
Lady Bless
PIN: 7327
3.7(31 Reviews)
I have been a Spiritual reader for over twelve years. I specialise in Psychic and Tarot readings based on my spiritual gift, once I can connect to your date of birth. I am here to advise all my callers on what the universe tells me based on my spiritual abilities. PIN: 7327
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Annie (1062)
PIN: 1062
4.5(68 Reviews)
I am an experienced intuitive tarot card reader with 12 years experience. I am here to assist you through dark, tough times in your life, or when you are feeling upset, lost in direction and will steer you towards the light. I can assist you with love, romance and relationship issues regarding any questions you may have, and will answer to the best of my ability. PIN: 1062
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Marion (9429)
PIN: 9429
4.4(52 Reviews)
I am a Psychic Tarot Reader and have over thirty years of experience. When I was a teenager I was aware that I had physic abilities and I have developed my abilities over the years and find the Tarot the most useful aid for me. It allows me to see people in their present circumstances and shows how the future unfolds. PIN: 9429
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Eva (1913)
PIN: 1913
4(108 Reviews)
Hello, I am Eva a compassionate Psychic Tarot reader. I am here to assist you when you are feeling down or when you are searching for answers to your questions. I am a passionate and professional reader with many years worth of experience. I do not judge and I can assist with love, relationships, family, career and many other areas also. PIN: 1913
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Lisa (6075)
PIN: 6075
2.8(88 Reviews)
I'm a tarot reader & skilled psychic who aims to find the cause of any problem or confusion you may be facing and find a solution to overcome any obstacle to find clarity and peace in your life PIN 6075
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YvoneBee (6286)
PIN: 6286
4.1(40 Reviews)
Hi, my name is YvoneBee and I’m here to assist you to explore the situations around you now, in the past and hopefully clear pathways to move forward more positively in the future. I finally accepted my spiritual connection around 15 years ago and since then have embraced many aspects such as channelling, reading and healing.Spirituality has enriched my life and with a zest for living assisting others find inspiration. PIN: 6286
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Tao (1765)
PIN: 1765
4.5(17 Reviews)
I have been an empath since childhood and had many higher-realm spiritual experiences through dreams and out-of-body experiences. This led me on a journey of awakening that brought me to Tarot 10 years ago as a medium to tap into my higher consciousness for answers to questions - through its signs and symbols to help navigate my path and the path of others. PIN: 1765
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Hadarian High Priestess (6762)
Hadarian High Priestess
PIN: 6762
4.6(20 Reviews)
I have had natural intuitive abilities since childhood. I’ve spent nearly ten years providing professional readings and being a soul coach, energy reader and spiritual healer. I am connected to the higher spiritual realms and to angelic frequencies. PIN: 6762
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Alison (7594)
PIN: 7594
4.4(20 Reviews)
I can offer a clear insight into many situations, I specialise in love and relationships, career and finance, family matters and all matters of the heart. I am very down to earth and will not sugar coat a reading but will always give insight with warmth and compassion. I have a great sense of humour. PIN: 7594
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Julie (2582)
PIN: 2582
2.7(79 Reviews)
Hello I'm Julie a Spiritualist Medium that can connect to your past loved ones. I am a very spiritual person and I can assist you in many different areas of your life. I am calming, loyal and I always put 110% effort into every single reading. I am so passionate about reading for people and I am here waiting to give you a personal reading today. PIN: 2582
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Susie (3785)
PIN: 3785
4(77 Reviews)
I am an insightful psychic tarot card reader with many years of professional reading behind me. I offer a calming and welcoming reading answering your most pressing questions or just offering insight into the next couple of months. I am open, non judgemental and always provide a professional reading to all who require one. PIN: 3785
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Georgie (2055)
PIN: 2055
4.5(11 Reviews)
I’m Georgie, a kind and compassionate psychic and tarot card reader. I first unearthed my psychic talents over 60 years ago, as a child growing up in post-war London. My talents were quickly recognised by my great aunt, who nurtured them further and introduced me to the craft of tarot reading. Whether you’re at a crossroads, looking for love or pondering the next few steps in your life, let me work with you, with openness and empathy. PIN: 2055
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Marie (9453)
PIN: 9453
4.6(115 Reviews)
I am a Certified Angelic Connection Practitioner with over 20 years experience of Reading Angel Cards.I use my intuition, foresight and connection to the angels, interpreting their loving messages, to assist you to move away from past difficulties towards your ‘best life’ and the positive future you deserve. I don’t judge you or any situation. PIN: 9453
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Gina (3703)
PIN: 3703
3.3(90 Reviews)
I am an intuitiveand able to tune in with people's thoughts and vibrations and will assist you to make sense of what is going on in your life or unravel the meaning of a dream you have had. I am also a good listener should you just wish to talk to somebody who understands you.I look forward to hearing from you. PIN: 3703
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Maggie (2922)
PIN: 2922
4.4(70 Reviews)
I am a Tarot card reader, with empathy abilities. I have been reading Tarot cards for over 30 years. My Grandmother was a Romany Gypsy, so I know a good few things about clairvoyance and superstition. I offer a compassionate, calm, clear consultation to my clients, non judgmental, with advice if called for. I have a Tarot Pack that I have used for a long time. It never see the light of day unless I am reading! PIN: 2922
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Stardancer (9672)
PIN: 9672
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I was born with the gift of seeing energy. My gift was inherited from my grandmother and her grandmother before her. I have strengthened these gifts by studying many things, including Energy work, Spirit Guides, Tarot cards, Oracle cards and numerology. I am experienced with many years of working with people from all walks of life across the globe in all forms of divination. I am intuitive and insightful and care deeply about providing non-judgmental insights. PIN: 9672
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Jasmina (4668)
PIN: 4668
4.5(35 Reviews)
I have psychic abilities, and I also do Tarot readings. I have worked professionally for the last 4 years. I have had my spiritual gifts since I was a child. I ensure that my readings are ethical, very kind and will respect all my callers. Please connect with me for a detailed psychic and tarot reading for answers to your questions. PIN: 4668
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Joanne (2122)
PIN: 2122
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I read angel cards, and I’m also very spiritual and pick up on people's energies by conversing and chatting with them. From a young age, I’ve been aware that I am very intuitive, but I have been developing my gift and reading angel cards for nearly ten years. PIN: 2122
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Psychic Shakti (9182)
Psychic Shakti
PIN: 9182
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I'm a Psychic Medium with 23 years of experience as a Tarot reader. I also channel Spirit Guides to provide direct insights during readings. Clarity and forward speaking are my forte as I want to give my clients the right messages, empowering their lives into the right path of forward manifestation of their higher self. I also provide energy cleansing and balancing to attract light energies into your life. PIN: 9182
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Lucinda Libra (4510)
Lucinda Libra
PIN: 4510
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I have three years of experience in my spiritual work. Through intuitive downloads of information from channelling and connecting to your energy and guides, in partnership with my spirit guides, I can offer in-depth, spiritual insight to help you heal, grow and progress forward on your life path and shine your inner Magick. PIN: 4510
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Dasy (9673)
PIN: 9673
4.1(18 Reviews)
I am an intuitive tarot reader. I started my journey during childhood. I am able to connect with the divine source in order to provide quality readings. For the past 10 years I have done face to face readings. Considering the current situation, I would like to share my knowledge online. I also do Crystal Healing and Energy Healing. Please connect with me and let’s get the answers you need. PIN: 9673
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Vincent (8421)
PIN: 8421
4.6(14 Reviews)
I have never had to market myself in any way as I have always simply encountered people who needed insight organically. Since the lockdowns is when I joined to provide telephone readings and insight for all callers and I have a broad set of natural abilities as well as gifts I have honed strongly over the years. PIN: 8421
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Andy (7077)
PIN: 7077
4.6(37 Reviews)
I have been reading the tarot cards for 30 years, originally taught by my mother who is a psychic medium, as was my maternal grandmother. I am able to receive messages from spirit during meditation but will often get quick visual glimpses of spirit and occasionally receive spoken words that come quite literally out of the blue! I also have experience in spiritual rescue work, always carried out with love and care. PIN: 7077
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Carmel (4651)
PIN: 4651
2.3(45 Reviews)
I am a professional Tarot card reader and I also use Angel cards and crystals. I have conducted readings for many years and I love what I do. I specialize in love and relationship readings. I want to guide and assist you and I will be honest with you during our readings together. PIN: 4651
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Lunar Tarot (1796)
Lunar Tarot
PIN: 1796
4.4(12 Reviews)
I am a Tarot, Angel and Oracle card reader and a Reiki healer. I have had my gifts my whole life. I have a gentle and compassionate approach; I can offer clarity and support in even the most difficult or complex situations. I have a gift for assisting my clients to connect with their intuition and inner wisdom, giving them the tools, they need to navigate life's challenges confidently and gracefully. PIN: 1796
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Tai (5539)
PIN: 5539
5(2 Reviews)
I have been able to see spirits from a young child. I am now providing Tarot, Astrology, colours, and dream readings. I have strong clairvoyance and Mediumship gifts. I love working on my inner soul. Please contact me for a professional reading today. PIN: 5539
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Fiona (6302)
PIN: 6302
4.3(30 Reviews)
I have been reading tarot cards for over 30 years. I can offer my clients total confidentiality, listening to whatever they need to say to me without judging or criticising them and giving them practical, compassionate advice only if they want me to. PIN: 6302
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Kat (4206)
PIN: 4206
3.2(50 Reviews)
From a young age I knew I was Clairvoyant however I didn't develop my gift until I was 30 & started attending spiritualist churches. I read the tarot, crystals and I am also a medium; I have been employed to help with ghost hunts also. The tarot does assist in times of worry but you always have your own free will. PIN: 4206
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Lesley (2132)
PIN: 2132
4.7(34 Reviews)
I have been reading the tarot for over 20 years. I am here to offer you a concise, non-judgemental reading. I can do readings on love, relationships, family, and general readings. I also use the tarot to guide me in all walks of my life, and it will for you. Even as a child, I have always been spiritual and always sensed energy around me. PIN: 2132
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Tassia (1835)
PIN: 1835
3.4(36 Reviews)
I am a mystic and I know the path to fulfilment and happiness. I have found it and know we each have an individual, meaningful life. I want to help you find what you seek. I understand when you call me that you may be overwhelmed or confused by circumstances. I will help you formulate a question so I can divine the deeper intention of your situation. I know that I can assist you to find the clarity and sense of destiny you need to live your dreams. PIN: 1835
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Mel (4073)
PIN: 4073
3.7(10 Reviews)
I am experienced in tarot cards and pendulum readings. I have been interested in supporting people to offer insight based on divine wisdom offered through these methods.I have been reading cards for several years now. My mum had the gift of premonition, and my interest in the cards stems from her influence. I can offer yes or no answers from the pendulum during our session and clarity through the cards. I am always empathetic and non-judgmental. PIN: 4073
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Tara (6727)
PIN: 6727
4.5(64 Reviews)
With many years experience as a Tarot reader and energy healer through psychic abilities and crystal healing l have discovered my gift to a distinct understanding of your message board.My name, Tara, means LIGHT TO THE SOUL and l think that is a perfect description of how l work. I can offer you a reading on love and relationships, specialising in twin flame connections, career, property, general readings and discovering your life path energy. PIN: 6727
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Eve (4120)
PIN: 4120
4.6(22 Reviews)
I have been spiritually gifted for over 30 years. I can offer an in-depth reading of past, present and future or a reading using tarot or healing cards to answer questions on specific things that are of importance. I use tarot and healing cards if needed, as well as make spiritual connections. I was aware and began to fully understand by the age of 22 that I had a gift for connecting with spirit. PIN: 4120
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Angel (7134)
PIN: 7134
4.1(23 Reviews)
I’m psychic tarot card reader.I don’t tell you what a tarot card means! Working with your voice, I’m able to tell you what I see in the cards which makes each card reading personal to you. I pick up on vibrations from voice, I specialise in relationships break ups and energies of rekindling, this became apparent to me due to personal circumstances. My readings don’t have to involve the tarot cards, I use many tools. I look forward to reading for you. PIN: 7134
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Marie (1090)
PIN: 1090
4(146 Reviews)
Hi, I'm Marie. Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a Spirit and Tarot card reader. These gifts were passed to me from my Grandmother who was a wonderful reader. If you want to find out information, let me contact my Spirit guides and they will pass me the information that they want to, I have brilliant guides! I am compassionate and a great listener. I specialize in Love, Relationships and Family issues. PIN: 1090
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Cerri (2076)
PIN: 2076
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I am a medium with over ten years of reading experience. I specialise in contacting your loved ones. I use angel cards and crystal balls. I give clarity by conveying what will happen in the future about a particular person, place or event. I am non-judgmental. Call me today for professional and calming reading. PIN: 2076
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Gemma Rose (3033)
Gemma Rose
PIN: 3033
2.8(63 Reviews)
Are you at a crossroad? Do you want to see things more clearly? Let's work together and unearth the positive messages that I can pick up. I work with the angel cards, energy cards and of course the tarot cards. They provide me with crystal clear messages personal to your situation. Let's begin to clear the fog today. PIN: 3033
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Luna Moon (1060)
Luna Moon
PIN: 1060
3.4(5 Reviews)
Hello, I'm Luna Moon, a clairvoyant with over 10 years of experience. My gift was recognized by my spiritual grandmother when I was just 13, and since then, I've been tapping into my sixth sense to help guide my journey in life. With the help of my trusted spirit guides, I offer intuitive readings that provide clarity and guidance in various aspects of life. Let me use my gift to help you find the answers you seek. PIN 1060
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Rachael (1314)
PIN: 1314
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I constantly could interact with spirit. I have a strong sense of intuition and am an empath, so that I can feel others' feelings. I have been reading professionally for the past 13 years or so. I am a good listener, kind and compassionate, and I work hard to ensure that all my clients leave with a sense of satisfaction and that their questions are answered. PIN: 1314
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Luna (8732)
PIN: 8732
4.3(12 Reviews)
I am an intuitive tarot card reader. Since being bought a box of Rider Waite Tarot Cards as a gift several years ago, the tarot has helped me on my own process of healing. Now I wish to share what I have learnt in order to assist others on their souls’ journey. PIN: 8732
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Kirsty (2434)
PIN: 2434
4(6 Reviews)
I first discovered the tarot while training to be an astrologer at one of the UK’s top astrology schools. I was amazed by the clarity the cards give and quickly adopted them into my spiritual practice. Later I began offering tarot readings to clients around four years ago. My readings are based on the tarot's insight, but I find my astrology background can be useful. If you are seeking clarity on your personal, professional, or spiritual life, contact me. PIN 2434
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Krysie (3979)
PIN: 3979
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I have always been spiritually gifted. I have been reading tarot personally for 14 years and three years for the public. I am an empath and psychic. I specialise in tarot readings for questions that you have. I pick up on your energy and use my intuition and cards to assist and guide you. PIN: 3979
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Hidden Mystery (1411)
Hidden Mystery
PIN: 1411
4.2(66 Reviews)
I am an intuitive healer and reader.I receive psychic insight through dreams and have done so for as long as I can remember.This gift has been in my family for generations on both sides.My grandma on my mom's side was psychic. I've been using tarot as a part of mypersonal artillery of healing tool since 2012 and with family and friends since 2018. I am friendly,a brilliant listener and non-judgemental. PIN: 1411
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Arcana (1954)
PIN: 1954
4.6(34 Reviews)
I am a second generation Tarot/ Numerology practitioner and life coach, with over 20 years of experience. I have had many tv appearances and radio interviews. I am also a natural born intuitive empath who has assisted hundreds of people. I specialise in tarot readings, numerology, astrology, angel cards, crystal healing. PIN: 1954
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V.V. Tarot (7814)
V.V. Tarot
PIN: 7814
4.1(8 Reviews)
All my callers receive a professional Tarot reading with me; I can offer my intuition for all answers to their questions with what the cards tell me. Our common energy will help me properly read the content and emotions in the deck of cards and helps us interpret and evaluate life's problems. PIN: 7814
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Susan (8576)
PIN: 8576
2.9(88 Reviews)
Hello my name is Susan I am a psychic based near Reading. I can assist you and guide you in all aspects of your life from finance to family. I have had an interest in angels now for many years and use them to guide me through my own life. I like to think I am kind and always friendly with an open mind. With my psychic abilities along with my angel guides I can assist you with any situation and look forward to speaking to you soon.PIN 8576
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Nexus (1957)
PIN: 1957
5(1 Reviews)
I am a Clairvoyant who has been showcasing my psychic prowess for over ten (10) years. I possess the ability to connect with the spiritual realm. This characteristic allows me to make concise and insightful readings for my clients. My goal is to assist individuals in attaining happiness and realise theirdreams to lead a successful life. PIN: 1957
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Maranta (7625)
PIN: 7625
4.8(21 Reviews)
I am a psychic, healer and medium with over nine years of experience.I will do my best to assist you with an uplifting reading. I can offer important assistance to my clients through clear and warm readings. I also want my clients to feel empowered and uplifted by giving them a sense of clarity and vision. PIN: 7625
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Magical Saturn (5966)
Magical Saturn
PIN: 5966
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I have 30 years' worth of experience; I have learned so much about tarot cards and am delighted to give a concise reading and provide the information you need to hear. I can offer a detailed reading to gain the necessary information for you. I work with my spirit, which provides me with detailed readings. You can either choose from love and relationships or money and career. PIN: 5966
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Mystic JJ (8307)
Mystic JJ
PIN: 8307
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I have been Psychic all my life. I am psychic, Clairvoyant, Claurdient and I have Medium skills. I offer a confidential service. I can connect with spirit, I use crystals an stones, I use the tarot and a crystal ball. I was born psychic, its in the family. I have sat in development circles and I have done private consultations. I can connect with animals.I am a friendly person, and used to working with people. PIN: 1330
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Amore (1257)
PIN: 1257
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I am a natural psychic reader with ten years of experience. I use my Tarot cards to get more details from my spirit, guides, and pendulum. I use tarot as my primary tool and usually start tuning into the cards while the client is still speaking so I can channel their energy into the cards. PIN: 1257
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Kate (4535)
PIN: 4535
2.2(32 Reviews)
Hi there my name is Kate and I was aware from a child that I had a gift that I wanted to share with others. I use my gift to bring people clarity into their lives. I work with colours, crystals aura's and guides. I am none judgemental and I am ready to assist in any areas that may be troubling you. Love and Light. PIN: 4535
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Sophie (4596)
PIN: 4596
4(3 Reviews)
I'm a compassionate psychic and tarot reader with year’s worth of experience. I'm here to advise on what the Universe is telling me; you will connect with your own higher self. It's an intimate experience that can refresh your spirit and renew your determination to find fulfilment.Approach it with an open mind and heart and prepare to be fascinated. PIN: 4596
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Mystery Moon (8419)
Mystery Moon
PIN: 8419
4.8(32 Reviews)
For over 15 years, I have worked with spirit guides and angels using Tarot/Angel/Oracle cards, pendulums, crystal ball gazing, scouring, crystals, and visions by meditation and prayer. Growing up deep within the southern heartland, I was submerged within a spiritual culture enriched with root workers, folk magic, shaman, and spiritual healers. I was gifted at birth with my abilities passed down to me by my ancestors. PIN: 8419
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Melina (7495)
PIN: 7495
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As a short-term reader, I can concisely predict the most likely outcomes for your situation up to three months in advance. I have been assisting callers for over 23 years and would love to help you as well. I prefer to start with a general reading to better understand your situation before answering any specific questions you may have. I can provide you with time frames and sense the emotions and thoughts of those involved. PIN: 7495
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Fran (3326)
PIN: 3326
3.7(13 Reviews)
I’m a Psychic clairvoyant Empath, with some astrology skills. I can offer experience and knowledge and understanding of the choices one makes. I also offer sympathy with clarity and non-judgemental professional readings. Please call me for a psychic reading today. PIN: 3326
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Stacy (4472)
PIN: 4472
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I have been communicating with spirit and reading tarot cards for messages from the universe for over 20 years. I offer general readings or readings to help answer any questions you may have. I specialise in communication with the spirit through tarot cards. I let the cards fall randomly from a shuffled deck, which helps guide you on the universe's positive path. PIN: 4472
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Angelina (2754)
PIN: 2754
4.4(126 Reviews)
As a clairaudient, clairsentient, and a claircognizant, I have 10 years of experience. I fuse together astrology, planetary influences and intuition in all my readings with the tarot. I offer insight with tender loving care. I’m non-judgemental and open to new situations. I will ALWAYS put the client’s need as top priority. PIN: 2754
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Mardi (6682)
PIN: 6682
3.8(17 Reviews)
I use the Hanson-Roberts tarot, a quite traditional deck with a largely positive perspective on life. My most favoured spreads are The Relationship Spread, which uses 7 cards to clarify how you connect with a person, organisation or situation, The Three Fates which quickly examines Situation, Action and New Situation and I am happy to use The Celtic Cross. Other spreads are available on request. PIN: 6682
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Moses (7729)
PIN: 7729
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I am a very good listener and a compassionate reader with two years of professional experience. I specialise in Love, Relationships, and family issues. I always discover ways of helping people. I discovered my listening abilities and empathy when my dad died some years ago. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me for a reading today, let’s find concise answers for you. PIN: 7729
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Tracey (7508)
PIN: 7508
4.2(20 Reviews)
I can offer my customers care and compassion, concern for their situation and I am an excellent listener.With an insight through the cards into the issues around their lives. My areas of expertise are love and career.I use the tarot and angel cards. PIN: 7508
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Samuel (9180)
PIN: 9180
4.8(12 Reviews)
I am a very warm and empathic cartomancer and animist who is committed to assisting others during these strange and turbulent times. I work with spirit animals and the Tarot to glean unique insights and provide faithful insight to my clients. I have been giving readings for around two years and delight in lending aid to my fellow travellers on our shared journey through life. PIN: 9180
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Grace (6282)
PIN: 6282
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I have many years of experience and have always been attuned to my spiritual and psychic abilities. I have been working professionally within the industry for over eight years.I am a psychic, medium, and healer.As a spiritual worker and healer, I have that calling to assist you in the right way. PIN: 6282
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David (6084)
PIN: 6084
4.7(13 Reviews)
I first started developing as a psychic 17 years ago. I began giving readings professionally ten years ago. I am clairvoyant and clairsentient and occasionally receive information about the deceased. I can offer valued customers concise and authentic readings.If I am not able to connect or provide information for specific questions, I will inform the client.I have a friendly and relaxed manner, which will help you relax. PIN: 6084
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Noorie (2267)
PIN: 2267
3.9(65 Reviews)
Hello you are through to Noorie, pin number 2267. I can offer tarot and psychic readings on a professional level. I have been giving readings for over 10 years and I specialize in love, relationship andcareer readings. I am here to provide insight, clarity and an understanding of your situation. Call me for a warm and enlightening reading today. PIN: 2267
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Heather (5502)
PIN: 5502
4.1(107 Reviews)
I am a Tarot and Angel card reader with over 30 years experience providing good insight from the various cards I read. My spirit guides and Angel guides help me with my readings. I use a crystal pendulum to get yes or no answers to direct questions. My readings are always friendly and enjoyable. I specialize in love relationships and careers. And also can do more general readings. PIN: 5502
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Lyudmyla (9379)
PIN: 9379
4.4(37 Reviews)
MY spiritual abilities is Vedic predictions by using name and date of the birth (numbers) with support of Tarot card readings. My readingexperience is more than 10 years. The area of my expertise is Love, Relationships, Family issues and General insight. I use a calculator, Tarot cards and the Moon calendar. PIN: 9379
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Dragonfly Wisdom (8347)
Dragonfly Wisdom
PIN: 8347
4.7(19 Reviews)
I'm an intuitive tarot card reader with 37 years of experience. I will offer the caller insight on a current problem, and insight into current issues, aiming to provide new perspectives, ideas, and possibilities that the caller may not have considered. I also offer inspiration about future options that can potentially occur for the caller. I'll offer the caller any insight and messages during the reading. PIN: 8347
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Charlotte (8039)
PIN: 8039
3.5(33 Reviews)
I have 30 years experience of reading the tarot.I am clairsentient, connecting with spirit through my guides. I am non judgemental, compassionate and intuitive. l can assist with love, relationships, career, family matters and general insight. I aim to give clarity on what is the best way to move forward, and give clarity when answering your questions in depth. I love the energy that comes through the tarot, showing the best outcomes in situations. PIN: 8039
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Eirene (8610)
PIN: 8610
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I am a specialised tarot reader who is happy to do different spreads (one card, three cards, a message from the universe spread, Celtic cross, etc.) for all sorts of readings, be they general or specific. I have always had an interest in divination since I was a child. My most potent gifts, however, lie in divination through tarot and oracle cards, which I have been engaging in for over a decade now. PIN: 8610
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Christine (9846)
PIN: 9846
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I was born with psychic gifts and knew my gifts when I was a very young child. I am a tarot card reader with a twist of using my psychic abilities to tune into the issues you need help with, such as your love life, career and more. I am a natural-born healer, so I can send healing to uplift you whenever desired. I am an empath, so I tend to feel how everyone close is feeling; I am very empathic. Hence, I love to listen and help in any way I can. PIN: 9846
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Tiome (8157)
PIN: 8157
4.7(41 Reviews)
Clairsentience (clear feeling) & Claircognizance (clear knowing). I have always been an inseparable part of my intuition. I started channelling those more seriously in conjunction with Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand Card Readings in the past few years. I am deeply connected with my Intuition and Inner Voice, which with the help of Source, provide me with clear signs and messages through incoming thoughts and through the cards I lay. PIN: 8157
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Luna (3650)
PIN: 3650
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I am an indigo starseed psychic medium and have been aware of my gifts from a very young age. I have highly attuned clairs, most notably clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. I also see dead people (often). I channel energy directly from the source, but I use tarot and oracle cards as a visual tool to interpret the energy so that the guidance is clear, concise, and easily translational. PIN: 3650
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Ife (3294)
PIN: 3294
4(13 Reviews)
I used to read palms at a young age. I have had intuitive dreams that materialise. I can pick up energy from just a name. I am compassionate and non-judgemental. I offer non-critical advice. I have a range of spiritual abilities, including medium, psychic, and clairvoyant. I use crystals, aromatherapy, and tarot cards. I value every person I speak to and intuitively do readings with understanding. PIN: 3294
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Lunara (5967)
PIN: 5967
4.8(4 Reviews)
I have over 12 years of experience in my spiritual abilities as an astrologer, medium, chakra cleansing expert, love/relationships specialist and tarot card reader. Please connect with me today for an insightful reading that hopefully answers many of your questions. PIN: 5967
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Sharon (4902)
PIN: 4902
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I am an intuitive reader who has been gifted with psychic abilities from a young age due to my past relatives being Gypsys. I have been guided in the last three years with my great gran as my spirit guide to pursue this more Professionally. PIN: 4902
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Khala (9744)
PIN: 9744
4.8(26 Reviews)
I am a third-generation Tarot reader, with more than 5 years of experience. I use Tarot and Oracle cards, along with channeled messages to get clear and direct answers. I offer in-depth Tarot readings, I am intuitive, insightful and I am extremely passionate about providing you with a professional and calming reading. PIN: 9744
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Alexia (9204)
PIN: 9204
4.7(28 Reviews)
I'm intuitive and I use the cards as a tool to pass the message from the Universe to the people. I connect using voice vibration. I was making strong connections and having experiences that improved people's perceptions, even if some were not ready to accept it in the moment. I meditate to keep my abilities on top form. PIN: 9204
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Amanda (1831)
PIN: 1831
4.1(49 Reviews)
Hello, my name is Amanda, my grandmother was a physic and would also read tea leaves. I realized at the age of 8 that I had inherited her physic ability when dreams and visualizations of events would come true a few days later. I have 20 years of tarot card reading experience and specialise in love, relationship, and employment issues. I’m nonjudgemental, I have empathy and a kind heart, I will use all of my skills and physic ability to answer any question. PIN: 1831
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Bliss (1636)
PIN: 1636
3.9(63 Reviews)
Hello, I am a Spirit guided trained healer offering psychic and medium readings for anyone who needs insight or divine clarity on a situation that they may be facing. Let me help you to find the key. I work with dreams, my psychic ability, my guides and Astrology. I have had my gifts since birth and in my adult years and used them to assist many different people. PIN: 1636
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Dani (1279)
PIN: 1279
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I’ve worked with Tarot for over ten years and am deeply connected with the mystical realm. I can offer spiritual clarity and insight through Tarot or oracle cards. My readings are compassionate, non-judgmental, and tailored to your unique energy. So whether it’s love, relationships, family or career you have questions about, or if you’re searching for spiritual guidance, I‘m here to give you insight and clarity. PIN: 1279
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Princess Mia (1221)
Princess Mia
PIN: 1221
2.8(120 Reviews)
I am a natural spiritualist, the descendant of a line of gifted psychics, mediums and healers, which includes mother and grandparents on either side of my family. I am here to provide you with a spot on reading that will answer your questions. I am a relaxed person and very intuitive. PIN: 1221
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Peter (6981)
PIN: 6981
4.1(7 Reviews)
I am an empath. I genuinely care about making the world a better place and have been practising for 26 years. Also, my interest in practising traditional rituals and drumming connects me deeper with my ancestors and the universe. I work with spirits to manifest the subconscious with meditation and spirit work for personal development. PIN: 6981
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Cosmo (9248)
PIN: 9248
5(1 Reviews)
I am an experienced psychic and tarot reader with over ten years of experience. I am here to listen and assist you when you are feeling down or searching for answers. I specialise in love, career, family, and relationship readings. I use voice vibration, clear visions, and dreams to provide customers with quality readings that will leave them feeling satisfied. PIN: 9248
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Maxine (8447)
PIN: 8447
4(32 Reviews)
My spiritual connections originate from my childhood. I'll be here to use my spiritual gifts to find answers for my callers’ issues. I conduct general tarot readings and rune stones. Please call me for an in-depth professional tarot reading and let’s find the answers for you. PIN: 8447
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Cosmika (2289)
PIN: 2289
4.4(74 Reviews)
I am an intuitive Tarot, Angel and Playing card reader I also get clairvoyant flashes as I tune into your energy vibration. I specialise in positive readings on love & other relationships, career & life in general. I'm like 'Cosmic Catchphrase', I say what I see in the cards. The main spiritual tools I use are tarot & angel cards. PIN: 2289
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Jas (4251)
PIN: 4251
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I am a psychic clairvoyant and healer with over ten years of experience. I am a direct, compassionate reader. I always aim to hold space for clients to guide them to make the best decision for themselves. I cover all areas of love, career, self-development, life path, etc. No question is ever big, small, or silly. Don't be afraid of asking questions; I work intuitively and use my tarot and oracle cards. PIN: 4251
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Claire (1133)
PIN: 1133
4.5(28 Reviews)
I’m an Oracle card and angel card reader. I can offer general reading or readings based on love, careers, relationship readings, and spiritual growth. I became aware of my abilities from a young age, and it has developed and grown with my spiritual journey. I’m a great listener, and very open-minded. PIN: 1133
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Mark (7870)
PIN: 7870
4.4(30 Reviews)
I have been psychic since just after my 16th birthday.I am now 53. A personal tragedy occurred on my birthday, leading me to start seeing auras and thought forms. It took me almost two years of study to understand fully what I was seeing. It wasn't until later that I sought out literature for verification.I can look out over the ether and receive spiritual information. I am eager to assist you however I can. PIN: 7870
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Cherry (1093)
PIN: 1093
4.1(11 Reviews)
My spiritual abilities include connecting with my spirit guides and guardians. I have an incredible sixth sense and intuition and can quickly connect with others spiritually. I have been using tarot as a tool to connect with the universe. I have been using tarot on myself and my friends since I was 12. And professionally, I have over a year’s experience reading for others and have assisted many people with my gift. PIN: 1093
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Eli (9238)
PIN: 9238
4.9(15 Reviews)
I am very good at assisting people connect with themselves. With the help of the tarot I have the ability to assist people to explore their experiences in a way that allows them to understand their experiences on a deeper level than they perhaps did previously. It's more than empathy, its spiritual kinship, in reality we are all connected. I can offer callers good insightful readings that can empower them to move forward more confidently. PIN: 9238
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PIN: 3855
2.7(71 Reviews)
I am a open and reliable reader that specialises in the following spiritual areas, Clairvoyance, Psychic Playing Cards, Dream Interpretation/Psychology ofDreams, Dragon (Findhorn) Cards, Angel Cards, Psychic Link With Cats/Dogs. Call me for a warming and uplifting reading today. PIN: 3855
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Alma (7200)
PIN: 7200
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I am a Psychic and Tarot Reader; I have 15 years of experience assisting people to better understand their future. I look forward to connecting with you and giving you a non-judgemental reading. You will have a sense of safety around my energy. I specialise in Angel Cards and Oracle Cards, and I am Clairvoyant. PIN: 7200
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Gemma (6370)
PIN: 6370
4.9(29 Reviews)
I'm deeply compassionate, understanding and full of empathy, and I will ensure you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. I like to assist you to gain insight and clarity in whatever situation you are going through. Whether you would like a long in-depth read or just a quick 3 card read, I'm always happy to read for you. It is a deep privilege to read Tarot, interpreting messages of Spirit. PIN: 6370
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Bella (6270)
PIN: 6270
4.2(50 Reviews)
When a loved one or friend “comes through” I am totally focused on the reading and can sometimes give relevant names, and describe the person and their personality so that there will be no doubt who that person is. I have 30 years experience in private/groups/churches.I'm also a Teacher of meditation and mindfulness. Please call me for a professional reading today. PIN: 6270
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Lisa (1215)
PIN: 1215
4.6(48 Reviews)
I am an experienced Angel & tarot card psychic reader with over 20 years’ worth of experience reading for people from all walks of life. I can assist with love and relationships, career and family issues. I can also do general readings and readings on specific things important to you. I am a non-judgemental person and I never judge on a customer’s situation, I am just here to advise on what the universe is telling me. PIN: 1215
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Jeannie (8325)
PIN: 8325
4.7(22 Reviews)
My name Jeannie, I read tarot, oracle cards and angel cards. When people call, I can offer answers, to life’s questions such as love and family. I have spirit guides, who help me with my readings. My guides provide me with information and allow me to interpret the cards better. Please contact me for an insightful and professional reading. PIN: 8325
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Zak (8865)
PIN: 8865
4.8(33 Reviews)
I study Astrology and the arts of our wonderful universe. I have been doing this for over 3 years and feel perfectly acquainted to it, as it is my purpose in life to advise on what the Universe is telling me. I use Astrology, this includes Horoscope readings and analysing star charts and Tarot cards when needed be. PIN: 8865
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Willow (4564)
PIN: 4564
4.5(6 Reviews)
Following the death of a family member, I started getting messages and developed psychic gifts. I spent almost ten years running from these in fear but have spent nearly another ten years understanding and tuning in to these. Tarot helps me filter out the important message and root of the problem. I am non-judgemental and have assisted people from all walks of life to find clarity in the unknown, a new perspective, and soul healing. PIN: 4564
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Eve (9555)
PIN: 9555
3.5(32 Reviews)
I was born in England, year 1977 as part of a collective of beta generation naturally gifted indigo children. I offer intuitive insight using Tarot as an aid to connect with my higher self -The divine. I have been using my clairsentient abilities from a tender age when I started to demonstrate something that comes naturally to me the ability to feel and sense others emotions and pick up on energies around places. PIN: 9555
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Sunray (8113)
PIN: 8113
4.4(96 Reviews)
I use Tarot and Osho cards interpretation and their wise advice. I am kind, direct, caring and professional. I tune into people's emotions through attentive listening and deep perception. I started a long time agowith general Tarot readings for my family and friends, and with time I becamean experienced Tarot and Psychic reader withmore then 15 years of experience. PIN: 8113
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Claire (1996)
PIN: 1996
4.8(41 Reviews)
I am clairsentient and clairvoyant, which means that I feel and see with my psychic senses.I also hear messages from those in the Spirit world.This includes family and friends who have passed over as well as Spirit guides and helpers.I have been working professionally for over 12 years and have given readings to people from all over the world including Brazil, Germany, Singapore and America. PIN: 1996
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Adam (4464)
PIN: 4464
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I am an Intuitive Guide, an Energy Healer, a Life Coach, a Soul Journey expert, and a Shamanic Practitioner with Spirit Guides. I started Reiki Healing in 1998, and now a Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer with years of experience. I have been a Certified Life Coach since 2014; I am a Shamanic practitioner conducting regular Drum Circles and ceremonies, being helped by my Spirit Guides. PIN: 4464
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Saoirse (8203)
PIN: 8203
4.5(16 Reviews)
I am an intuitive tarot reader, life and wellbeing coach with many years experience assisting people navigate their lives. I can offer you a supportive empathetic reading to give you the clarity you need. I have always been intuitive and can connect to energies I use Tarot and oracle cards to provide insight to clients who are in need of some direction or clarity about a specific issue. PIN: 8203
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Arrianne (2124)
PIN: 2124
4(151 Reviews)
I'm Arrianne an experienced Tarot card and Psychic reader that uses energy and astrology to assist me with my readings. I also do dream analysis which I find very interesting. I am a caring person and I love doing professional readings for anyone who requests them. Please call me for a in-depth psychic and tarot reading today. PIN: 2124
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Alina (6847)
PIN: 6847
4.4(68 Reviews)
I have been a professional Tarot reader for over 10 years, but my spiritual journey with Tarot readings began when I was 12 years old. My abilities are increasing with my experience and I am continuing to learn with different readings methods. Assisting people is my goal and to make them happy and positive is my mission. PIN: 6847
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Psychic Angel (5835)
Psychic Angel
PIN: 5835
3(19 Reviews)
I am a spiritualist psychic reader. I assist those with love and careers and assist those in finding their path. There is no judgment in my readings. There is only satisfaction in spot-on spirituality and knowing that you will see a better tomorrow. Let me assist you in straightening up your path so you can gain what's rightfully yours. Thank you, and have a blessed day. PIN: 5835
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Iyaraa (5130)
PIN: 5130
3.4(10 Reviews)
I am a multi-channelled natural intuitive psychic and spiritual healer with decades of experience. I can track and trace energies and access a library of information spanning space and time. Clients' questions will bring forward relevant information to be relayed. I mainly work with intuition, inner knowing, visions, feelings, and hearing, supplemented at times by using various oracle cards or runes as guided. PIN: 5130
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Adrian (9336)
PIN: 9336
3.9(19 Reviews)
I have a natural psychic ability which helps me tap into the wisdom of the universe in order to assist my clients to find the answers to their questions, solutions and opportunities. Please call me for a professional reading today. PIN: 9336
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Angel (2553)
PIN: 2553
3.9(9 Reviews)
I have given Angel Card readings for about 5 years after studying meditation techniques and becoming a Reiki master where my third eye was well and truly opened. I have psychic ability and I am extremely tuned in and can offer insight on the law of attraction. PIN: 2553
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Psychic Adam (5617)
Psychic Adam
PIN: 5617
4.5(13 Reviews)
I am a twin flame specialist and have worked in love and relationship for the last 15 years. I can see through energy and connect through souls. I can speak to the dead and connect to loved ones. My reading is mainly done through energy. As a result, I can tune in within just a few seconds of speaking. I was born with my ability but had been using it professionally for the last 15 years. PIN: 5617
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Jass (1464)
PIN: 1464
4.7(55 Reviews)
I am a psychic tarot reader with 14 years experience of reading professionally for thousands of people. I always aim to bring clarity and insight. I am a good listener, friendly and love using the tarot in my readings. In your private consultation I will listen to you and tune into your energy to understand what is happening. I am very caring and compassionate and in your reading I will assist you to gain greater clarity of your situation and your feelings. PIN: 1464
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Alex (8896)
PIN: 8896
4.8(76 Reviews)
I read tarot, but I can also see and talk to the spirits and can ask them for insight for you, the tarot lets me see your options and gives you a clear view as to what the energies around you are at the time.I have been able to see spirits since I was a child. I could see auras around people, and then I started seeing and hearing spirits. PIN: 8896
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Deena (3325)
PIN: 3325
3.7(75 Reviews)
I am a psychic tarot card reader and clairsentient. I am able to look beyond the surface and get to the truth of any matter. I havebeen doing readings for over 10 years and I provide a professional, in-depth and to the point, caring reading that will hopefully provide you with answers to your questions on life, love and relationships. PIN: 3325
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Dominique (9878)
PIN: 9878
4.4(39 Reviews)
I can offer my callers who come for a private consultation a very uplifting reading. I am a very dedicated reader and I always make sure I send them away with love and light and feeling happy and reassured that they have had really good reading. The tools I use are my Crystals, Tarot cards and Runes. I first became aware of my abilities when I was 5 years old and my gift has grown with me. I have always been able to tell friends and family certain things that are going to happen. PIN: 9878
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Selene (3198)
PIN: 3198
4.2(49 Reviews)
I have over 20 years experience. I integrate my spiritual psychic abilities with the Tarot, Oracle cards and the Runes. Through my readings I offer my valued callers non-judgemental insight and clarity. Through insight and clarity the caller will be able to see that there are options and choices that will empower the callers to see a way forward. PIN: 3198
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Crystal Blu (5444)
Crystal Blu
PIN: 5444
4.4(52 Reviews)
I come from a long line of mediums and tarot card readers. Since I was an early teenager I have had visions and seeing spirit. I learnt the art of tarot reading in my late teens and I was doing readings for family and friends, and friends of friends. In my mid twenties my reading was put on hold due to family and work and lots of life lessons. Twenty years later I am guided by my spirit guides to start to read again. PIN: 5444
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La Luna (9031)
La Luna
PIN: 9031
4.6(18 Reviews)
I have over 22 years practical experience as a clairvoyant, psychic medium and cartomancy forecaster. I am an intuitive empath who utilizes my spiritual qualities, in conjunction with my psychology qualification as a freelance counsellor. I liaise with my Spirit Guides and Higher Consciousness to provide my clients with the peace of mind and upliftment they need. PIN: 9031
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Anastasia (2536)
PIN: 2536
3.5(93 Reviews)
I am a natural Clairvoyant and medium and descend from a long line of psychics. I have over 35 years experience in the field.I have done thousands of readings over the years both privately and touring with Psychic Fairs and have also given live Clairvoyant and Psychometric Demonstrations.In my readings I work with Tarot Cards, the Crystal Ball and my natural ability to give you an in-depth reading that provides positive direction and guidance. PIN: 2536
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Angela (8379)
PIN: 8379
4.3(47 Reviews)
Hi my name Angela. I am a Tarot reader, I been doing reading over 30 years. It is a gift passed to me from my Granddad. I can do readings on relationships and family and most areas that you ask me to look into. I never judge anyone and a very good listener. Let's see what the cards say for you. I have used the same deck for many years, they are blessed and I will use them within our reading together. PIN: 8379
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Eva (1997)
PIN: 1997
4.6(42 Reviews)
I am a compassionate and experienced psychic and tarot reader with over 10 years worth of experience in Astrology, Sibillas cards and Numerology too. I am here to assist when you are feeling down or feeling like life is not being good to you.I will look at all the questions you have and try my very best to give you the answers. I am intuitive,insightful and extremely passionate person. My gift has been passed to me from my mother and my grandmother. PIN: 1997
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Joanne (4414)
PIN: 4414
3.4(186 Reviews)
My name is Joanne I found out at a young age that I had some sort of gift through a good friend, who was a medium herself and it was through her help I tailoredmy gift to be able to assist you today. I am guided by the Angel Tarot Deck and my Spirit Guide, to receive messages from those passed. My work has given bothmyself and othersgreat spiritual comfort in its findings over the last thirty five years and it is my pleasure to offer my services to you today. PIN: 4414
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Kay (8459)
PIN: 8459
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I have strong psychic abilities passed down through generations. I have used my gift professionally for over five years. I can offer professional, compassionate, and concise readings without any judgment. I will always do my best to answer all detailed questions to assist you. Also, I’m able to leave you feeling content. I specialise in all areas; I have a strong intuition and can give you professional readings in many areas. PIN: 8459
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Layla (4582)
PIN: 4582
3.2(80 Reviews)
I am of Roma origin and as such I have inherited the gift of second sight. My work has involved working as a intuitive adviser & working in collaboration with private investigators. I love to help people who face these dilemmas, need closure or guidance PIN 4582
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Susie (2537)
PIN: 2537
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I'm an experienced, empathetic, compassionate Angel Tarot card, Rune Card, and Crystal card reader. I can give you insightful and non-judgemental readings. I specialise in love, relationships and career using my cards and deep intuition, which I've had since childhood; I have had dreams, visions and gut feelings which give me and those I read for clarity and more profound awareness about people and situations. PIN: 2537
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Raven (1500)
PIN: 1500
4.7(3 Reviews)
I lead a fulfilling life working with spirit daily. Trained as a Reiki Master, Tarot Card Reader, and Angel Card Reader for many years. Most of the time, I am at one with the Universe, tuning in surrounded by nature, whether the trees and plants in my garden or the beach, with the wind and sunshine uplifting me to a higher place. PIN: 1500
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Lili (4724)
PIN: 4724
4(10 Reviews)
I have the spiritual ability to read the meaning of cards and their combinations and different types of cards. Through the connection of my tarot with the universe, I can offer you answers to your private questions. PIN: 4724
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Victoria (8057)
PIN: 8057
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My psychic abilities have been passed down from the generations. I have over 15 years of experience providing professional, concise readings. I can offer in-depth professional readings with no judgment and a lot of compassion and understanding. I’m a great listener and always here to listen and assist you. PIN: 8057
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Mystic Will (9616)
Mystic Will
PIN: 9616
4.1(21 Reviews)
I have over 40 years of experience having bought my first deck of Tarot in 1976. I was also taught by renowned clairvoyant Estella, based in Margate, Kent in the 1980s. When I read for you, I will interpret the cards to give insight on love, career and the spiritual forces at work in your life with pointers which you are free to follow or not follow. PIN: 9616
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Susanna (2998)
PIN: 2998
2.9(227 Reviews)
I have been a practising Psychic readings for thirty years and I am able to see the future by reading tarot cards, reading tea leaves and looking through my crystal ball. I am a friendly soul and I am non judgemental within my readings. Call me for an insightful reading today. PIN: 2998
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Sonia (3886)
PIN: 3886
3.7(177 Reviews)
I am a tarot card reader whom also uses the pendulum for specific questions that may need answering. I use the tarot cards as a guide and the pendulum is conjunction with them. I am a professional, warm and caring reader with many years worth of experience. I can assist you in many different areas of your life. Call me today. PIN: 3886
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Bailey Star (4317)
Bailey Star
PIN: 4317
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I am a trusted tarot reader with over seven years of experience. My grandmother was a tarot reader, and my mother was. We have come from a bloodline of tarot readers. My spirit guides help me to guide my clients to answers that they are looking for through me. My work here is to provide you with the answers you are seeking. Please speak to me about whatever is on your mind. PIN: 4317
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Citrine (2049)
PIN: 2049
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I have many years of experience as a clairsentient psychic tarot card and angel card reader. I have studied angel healing, angel protection, crystals, the law of attraction, manifestation, visualisation, and astrology. PIN: 2049
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Jada (6653)
PIN: 6653
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I am a Clairsentient, Claircognizant and Oracle Card reader. I have an innate ability to tune into the energies of people, environments, and locations, and I have been reading professionally for almost a decade. I can offer a client quality reading in a straightforward yet empathic manner. PIN: 6653
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FireFox (9723)
PIN: 9723
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I am extremely empathic and intuitive. I have been able to read people's situations well before I fully understood what it all meant. Over twenty years ago, I began reading tarot cards for family and friends with great accuracy. It wasn't long before I started offering readings professionally. I realized that people needed to hear the messages I was receiving through my spirit guides and the tarot cards. I believe this is my calling. PIN: 9723
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THERESA (2852)
PIN: 2852
3.3(37 Reviews)
Hello my name is Theresa I am a gifted tarot reader and psychic, this gift was inherited from my Irish grandmother over the years and I have successfully assisted numerous people which has left them very happy. For a breathtaking and enlightening reading please contact Theresa PIN NUMBER 2852
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Lillian (7001)
PIN: 7001
5(1 Reviews)
I have been someone who channels messages my whole life but in the last three years I have been using the medium of Tarot to assist with my abilitiesto get even clearer, more targeted messages. I would like to read for you today, providing you with clear, concise answers. PIN: 7001
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Tara (1186)
PIN: 1186
5(8 Reviews)
I'm a psychic white witch and a tarot reader with over 25 years' worth of experience. I can give my customers non-judgemental readings, no matter the problems. I’m an experienced tarot reader, a psychic, and a white witch. I use my gifts in tarot readings and spiritual healing. I first became aware of my gifts in childhood, passed down from my maternal grandmother, and they grew as I got older and more powerful. I can see the past, present, and future for all my customers. PIN: 1186
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Glamour Spirit (6698)
Glamour Spirit
PIN: 6698
5(5 Reviews)
I’m a Tarot, Psychic, Sensitive and Runes Reader; I am a Reiki Therapist and work with astrology too. My psychic and sensitive abilities have been with me since I remember, but I didn’t give it much attention because I didn't know what it was. I was scared to ask my family, but years passed. My abilities were getting more robust; I started to feel and hear more and more until the day I went to look for help to understand all this. PIN: 6698
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Muria Rose (2453)
Muria Rose
PIN: 2453
2.9(143 Reviews)
I am a natural empath and a spiritual intuitive psychic, specialising in love and relationship readings. As a natural empath I genuinely enjoy assisting people and in a compassionate and non judgemental way by gaining the clarity they need with the help of my beautiful and amazing spirit guide who has immensely helped me with the growth of my abilities. Please contact me today for a professional yet caring reading. PIN: 2453
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Minnie (1817)
PIN: 1817
4.8(17 Reviews)
I am a 4th generation reader of cards, at least since my great-grandmother. We were both called “light-workers”. I saw cards being used for as long as I can remember and always had an awareness of astrology. I was formally taught the cards to read for others eight years ago and can also read a traditional deck of playing cards. It helps me first to know some of the natal astrology of my client, but it’s fine without too. PIN: 1817
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Kim (1834)
PIN: 1834
3.5(17 Reviews)
I am a psychic tarot reader with nearly 20 years of experience. I have had prophetic dreams since I was a little girl and often can see them in the near future via meditation. I am incredibly compassionate and non-judgmental, with an array of personal life experiences that I can use and my abilities to assist you in navigating daily trials and tribulations. PIN: 1834
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Alexandre (1213)
PIN: 1213
2.7(213 Reviews)
I am part gypsy and come from a long linage of Mediums from south-western Europe. When I was very young my maternal Grandmother, a professional reader, taught me all she knew about tarot reading because she realized that I was born with a special gift. My intuition and spiritual guide have always been with me, and together we can contextualize your past and predict your future, and how you can make that future better. PIN: 1213
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Julie (4671)
PIN: 4671
4.8(32 Reviews)
Hi my name is Julie and I work with Tarot and Spirit to assist you to find the answers you seek. My gifts have been in my family for generations.I knew from an early age that I had this special gift. I have been reading for my friends and through recommendations for the past 7 years and I cannot wait to read for you. PIN: 4671
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Taz (1311)
PIN: 1311
3.3(176 Reviews)
I have ten years experience reading in all different areas including love, life, employment, family, breakups and anything you wish to talk about.I can offer psychic advice, non judgemental readings and a listening ear for anything that may be troubling you. I promise that I will not rush you and that I am here for you. PIN: 1311
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Kasia (4084)
PIN: 4084
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With two decades of dedicated practice in the art of tarot reading, I am a seasoned and trusted spiritual guide. My expertise and intuitive insights have helped countless individuals navigate life's complexities, providing clarity and guidance through the symbolism of the tarot cards.Through a compassionate and empathetic approach, I have helped numerous individuals navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and gain clarity on their life's journey. PIN: 4084
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Samantha (2460)
PIN: 2460
3.8(5 Reviews)
My name is Samantha and I have over ten years of experience reading tarot. I specialise in love and relationships and love to provide answers to all your questions.I’m a great listener and understanding in nature. I practice reading cards daily and can’t wait to read for you. PIN: 2460
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Candi (4358)
PIN: 4358
4.3(15 Reviews)
I am a highly intuitive person and an empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient. I’ve had 15 years of experience with my psychic abilities; I was born with my spiritual gifts, as my whole family inherited them. I noticed I was different and felt out of place from when I was six years old. That’s when I started getting visions and experiencing spiritual events; my abilities became immensely enhanced as I got older. PIN: 4358
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Nikole (3467)
PIN: 3467
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I can connect with spirit to help with answers. I also use tarot. I connect with emotions and look at your chakras. I started reading when I was 15 years old, I have been doing it professionally for over two years.I will offer you a friend with no judgement. I am here to understand you and to connect with you. We will receive clarity and understanding of what is going on around you. PIN: 3467
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Amber (7340)
PIN: 7340
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I have 15 years of tarot reading experience, mostly specialising in guiding to a more prosperous future. The readings I offer are non-judgemental, professional, and informative. I offer a range of readings to suit my client's needs, ranging from in-depth, general, and one-question readings. PIN: 7340
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Maura (8331)
PIN: 8331
4.5(134 Reviews)
I have been a practising my Psychic abilities for over 30 years bothface to face and on telephone, with excellent response andappraisal from my customers.I offer a confidential non judgementalPsychic counselling service with a positive open minded approach.I specialise in “Affairs of The Heart. I consult intuitively “fine.tuning” with voice vibration and I use cards/crystal ball to assist. PIN: 8331
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Sharona (8648)
PIN: 8648
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I am an intuitive psychic who uses tarot cards to provide detailed readings. I received my first tarot deck from my mother when I was 17, and she also read cards - as did my grandma! I read for family and friends when I have the time, but I also worked at festivals when I was younger, providing insightful readings. PIN: 8648
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Sarah (7434)
PIN: 7434
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I am a psychic, medium, and angel card reader with over 13 years of experience. I use my natural psychic ability and ask for very little information when speaking to a caller, as it allows me to read into the person's energy. Angel cards are used in more general readings. I also have my spirit guides whom I call upon to receive information from the other side for mediumship readings. PIN: 7434
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Astrid (5608)
PIN: 5608
4.6(25 Reviews)
I have been doing professional psychic, tarot, and angel readings for the past five years. From childhood, I was drawn to spirituality, my great-grandmother was also a psychic, and I believe I got my gifts from her; my gifts have evolved over the past 20 years. PIN: 5608
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Opal (1743)
PIN: 1743
3(67 Reviews)
I am an angel card reader. I love the positivity they bring into readings and I have been using them for a few years. I also use the tarot also. I am a hands on healing energy healer and I thrive on giving spot on readings to my clients. I am here to give you insight, clarity and personal readings that will uplift you in any circumstances. PIN: 1743
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Sage (4810)
PIN: 4810
4(3 Reviews)
I am a clairaudient and a clairvoyant psychic that has been reading tarot cards professionally for two years. I’ve always known I’ve had gifts, even as a little child, the signs were all around, and I’ve always been open. I’m a life path nine, and I'm here to give back and to do my part for my soul tribe. PIN: 4810
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Aurora (8365)
PIN: 8365
3.9(37 Reviews)
I'm Intuitive and my abilities include Tarot Readings and Mediumship. I channel messages and spiritual healing complement to my services. Offering individual caller light through their amazing earthly journey is rewarding to provide piece and joy through readings. My gifts were passed on to me as a gift from my four fathers, became evident during my 25 years being a community leader and advising services. PIN: 8365
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Gavieralla (3100)
PIN: 3100
3.8(16 Reviews)
I have been doing consultations online and by phone since the early 90s. I have been a psychic since this and my abilities have been passed down from maternal generations, with many of them working as psychics. I offer readings with empathy and non-judgmental and professional advice. I care about each client and do my best to assist them on their spiritual journey. PIN: 3100
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Helen (2222)
PIN: 2222
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I'm an intuitive psychic tarot reader with over 10 years of experience. I offer concise readings, answers to your most important questions. I use my psychic gift, intuition and my original tarot deck that has been used in thousands of concise readings. PIN: 2222
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Siena (4852)
PIN: 4852
4.8(30 Reviews)
My abilities started to develop at a very early age. Since then, I have been working on my skills of revealing the future and understanding messages from higher sources. During my reading, I will provide you with clear insight. I use several tools to read messages from the Universe, mainly using my psychic and card reader abilities. My readings are always friendly and non-judgemental; you can ask me anything related to love, relationship and family. PIN: 4852
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Sol (4518)
PIN: 4518
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I am a tarot reader, healer, and spiritual painter; I have been in service for over ten years. I am a listener, present in body, mind, and spirit. I can offer general readings and Past/Present/Future. I also offer Love and financial readings. My aim is to bring positive transformation to people's lives through the classic tarot deck (Rider Waite) and shamanic drumming. PIN: 4518
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Tracey (1981)
PIN: 1981
4.6(64 Reviews)
I have thirty years experience of reading tarot cards and doing psychic readings and mediumship. I am a warm and caring person that loves to provide readings on a 121 basis. Let's look at your questions, your future and your present. Let's see if we can unwind the issues that may be affecting you now. I am here to offer insight and clarity. PIN: 1981
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Summer (3687)
PIN: 3687
2(42 Reviews)
Hello I am Summer a clairvoyant with many spiritual guides that help me along life’s path. I am here to provide a professional clairvoyant reading service that will give you insight and guidance during the reading. I am a friendly person who is open, non judgemental and can communicate on a 1 to 1 basis. PIN: 3687
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Archangel (1413)
PIN: 1413
2.6(8 Reviews)
I have the ability to read minds, connect to any Archangel messages and clear fears! I provide Angel card readings to assist with love, relationships, and marriage proposals! I first became aware of my gifts 13 years ago, and daily continue to grow. Please get in touch with me for an angel card reading today. PIN: 1413
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Faith Louise (3679)
Faith Louise
PIN: 3679
4(3 Reviews)
I am a very emphatic and non-judgemental person with over 15 years of experience providing spiritual insight; I have two spirit guides and also use my oracle, tarot and angel cards alongside my pendulum to give you advice and insight. PIN: 3679
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Jenny (4045)
PIN: 4045
2.3(97 Reviews)
I am a gifted clairvoyant psychic reader and have had this gift since childhood. I tune in to my my spiritual visions, I tune into what my spirit guides are telling me through sound and visions, thus I can give a clear insight into a when life is changing I can direct you into that right path. I can see a clear insight into relationships and money matters also career changes. PIN: 4045
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Psychic Sarah (1949)
Psychic Sarah
PIN: 1949
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For the past two decades, I've been a professional psychic reader, using my psychic gift to assist people. I provide insight across various areas, including love, relationships, money and more. Rest assured, every reading I conduct is wrapped in confidentiality, compassion, and authenticity. I pride myself on being a non-judgemental reader in your quest for answers. Connect with me today for instant answers, a general reading or just some kindness and support. PIN: 1949
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Jess (9280)
PIN: 9280
5(1 Reviews)
I have been spiritual since I can remember. I originate from a long line of spiritually gifted women. My grandmother was a high-profile tarot and crystal ball reader. I offer a safe environment to ask your questions. My expertise is that I can tune into your character and emotions. I can give you insights into the answers you seek. PIN: 9280
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Eve (7274)
PIN: 7274
3.9(15 Reviews)
Hi, my name is Eve and I am a Psychic Tarot card reader. I specialise in relationships of the heart and career readings. I also do general readings and look into anything that may be impacting your life. I am friendly, calm and professional. I have many satisfied customers who return to me for follow up readings. PIN: 7274
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Psychic Sarah (4706)
Psychic Sarah
PIN: 4706
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Hello there, I'm Sarah. For the past 15 years, I've been a compassionate psychic reader, embracing the joy of assisting thousands to find their paths and peace. I’m ready to accompany you through the complexities of love, relationships, and even the occasional turbulence with ex-partners. I'm here to shed light on your family dilemmas and help you navigate your career journey. I'm not here to judge but rather to create a safe and warm space for you to discover the universe's messages. PIN: 4706
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Daniel (5657)
PIN: 5657
4.6(5 Reviews)
As a deeply empathetic and experienced psychic, I have dedicated many years to offering clarity and support in Love, Relationships, and Family Issues. My unique gift, energy medicine, allows me to alleviate spiritual pain through the powerful, positive energy bestowed upon me by the Divine. PIN: 5657
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Sandy (1609)
PIN: 1609
2.9(79 Reviews)
I have over 15 years worth of experience with the aid of my spirit guide Theo. My gift enables me to see into the past present and future and give peace and insight to others. I have a empathic and non judgemental view on life and life experiences. With the aid of my spiritual guide Theo I can see how things that are hurting people can be moved forward and bring answers when at times there seems none. PIN: 1609
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Karen (2817)
PIN: 2817
4.8(4 Reviews)
I have been doing readings on family, friends and clients foryears. I can offer 1 card readings and One question readings with 3 cards Yes or No answers. I use Oceanic Tarot cards. I had become aware of my abilities just over 11 years ago and my profession as a holistic therapist helps me grow my ability daily. I am a Reiki healer on humans and animals. PIN: 2817
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Jane (4962)
PIN: 4962
4.6(28 Reviews)
I am a gifted individual and have enhanced my psychic gifts through spiritual circles over the last 16 years. This has boosted my ability to assist people through investing in Tarot cards and Angel cards. However, I have discovered that the cards are a guide to visions and hence assists me see deep into situations. I have the ability to predict events before it enfolds. PIN: 4962
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Ashley (6129)
PIN: 6129
3.6(7 Reviews)
I have been a Clairvoyant and Psychic since a young age. It was passed down from my Grandmother. I have been assisting others for many years, on all aspects of their lives with great success. I offer general and love readings. I aim to give you clarity and understanding, I shall assist you through the difficult areas of your life that you are facing and give you clarity where you need it. PIN: 6129
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Tracy (3073)
PIN: 3073
4.6(13 Reviews)
I use the tarot cards to assist me to advise you on any issues you maybe experiencing. I do use crystal pendulums to assist with specific questions. I specialise in love and family relationships. I also use my previous personal experiences for advice on the best way to move forward if you want it. I'm a good listener and never judge people on their choices in life. Hopefully I can also make you smile even just a little even on a bad day for you. PIN: 3073
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Nora (3466)
PIN: 3466
4.2(123 Reviews)
Well it’s been like 15 years that I discovered the ability I have to predict my family’s future though my dreams and feelings, I was very young but still my powers were very strong. Then I started reading tarot’s and other types of cards and it was even better for me to assist my family and friends. That’s how I started to work as an online tarot reader for the previous 6 years now. PIN: 3466
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Barbara (1978)
PIN: 1978
2.4(74 Reviews)
I have had my Spiritual gift for many years. It has been passed to me from my mothers side. My mother taught me to use my ability to assist others. I also use the Tarot cards because they compliment my psychic and spiritual gifts. Not all of our lives follow on a straight path and I am here to assist you and remove any obstacles in yours. My Spirit guide is here to assist you as well. Love & Light. PIN 1978
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Allan (2952)
PIN: 2952
1.4(62 Reviews)
I have been working withmy guide Jenny for over 25 years.I am here to help you with any problems you may be going though in your life, I will work with you to give you sound advice. With Jenny's help, I would like to guide you to find that better path way, I will listen with a sympathetic ear and I am a honest and caring person, very understanding, even if you just want to talk to someone I am here. PIN: 2952
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Rose (5212)
PIN: 5212
1.8(37 Reviews)
I discovered my secret gift at the age of 28 years old and I have assisted many people since. I do personal readings with my family and friends as well as for clients. My family has gypsy blood and we have many spiritual abilities. I am a very successful psychic and I have a very tuned sixth sense. Call me for a relaxed and fulfilling reading.PIN NUMBER 5212