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Joe (3722)
PIN: 3722
4.6(186 Reviews)
I am a very experienced tarot card reader with 10 years plus experience.I offer love and relationship tarot but am also gifted with general readings as well with no judgement. I specialise in love and relationships and offer you spiritual insight in what the universe is telling me. I use tarot cards and the pendulum to give you most insightful readings I can possibly give. PIN: 3722
Kia (7516)
PIN: 7516
4.4(54 Reviews)
I read the Tarot and I’ve been reading for over twenty years now. I specialise in love and relationships and can cover general readings. I can tailor the reading to your specific questions. I’m a very good listener, compassionate, non-judgemental and extremely intuitive. PIN: 7516
John (7126)
PIN: 7126
4.4(26 Reviews)
I offer a passion of listening to understand the person I'm speaking to, using my spiritual gifts and best advice for the questions asked. My expertise is using all my gifts and opening up to each question and getting the questions answered through readings and being open to spiritual gifts. I also spend a time of reflective silence and thought before I startand I'm a very spiritual person. PIN: 7126
Helki (9617)
PIN: 9617
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I have been reading tarot for over ten years using my knowledge of the cards, intuition and connection with spirit. I'm also a numerologist who can read your numbers to help you understand the roles these numbers play in your life. I offer guidance-based tarot readings to answer your questions so you can leave the reading confident and assured. PIN: 9617
Caleb (4196)
PIN: 4196
2.6(87 Reviews)
I have been reading tarot cards on a professional level for the last 15 years and use angel cards as well. I'm here to assist you with love, relationships and career choices. I realized my psychic ability from the age of 7 and this was nurtured by my Grandmother. I use tarot cards, angel cards, I connect with spirit and also call upon my guide for assistance. I have strong intuitive skills also. Love and light. PIN: 4196
Angelica (7245)
PIN: 7245
4.5(43 Reviews)
Hello, my name is Angelica, and I am an intuitive reader. I am an experienced psychic, and I am here to support you in any situation. I will give you insight on your past lives. I will also look into the future for you. I specialise in relationships and love. I am very grounded, and on all readings, I am going to focus so that you achieve a higher state of consciousness and healing. PIN: 7245
Lisa (4322)
PIN: 4322
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I have always been very intuitive and recognised my role as an empath early in life. I have been reading tarot and angel decks professionally for four years and have gained clarity and guidance on any life situation or unique circumstances. I am also a Reiki Practitioner, and all these skills assist me in helping callers find clarity. Let me help you with your life questions. A warm welcome awaits. PIN: 4322
Iyan (8606)
PIN: 8606
4.1(24 Reviews)
My abilities include clairvoyance and astral projection - that’s how I communicate with the spirit to give you the best answers. I have four years of face-to-face tarot reading experience and I also did readings in many venues. I can offer clarity and insight for my callers’ situations and a judgemental free environment in which they can feel comfortable to talk about themselves. PIN: 8606
Winnie (8623)
PIN: 8623
4.4(89 Reviews)
I have many years' experience in working with spirit, and insight from my own Guides has helped me achieve success for myself. My main abilities include tarot reading, clear seeing and subtle visions in the Mind's Eye (a 'sixth sense ').I offer powerful psychic readings over the phone.I can connect with names and minor details to answer your specific questions. I can offer answers to questions relating to love, relationships,money and much more to ease uncertainty. PIN: 8623
Rose (2761)
PIN: 2761
4(66 Reviews)
I have been doing psychic, clairvoyance, mediumship and tarot readings for over 30 years. I conduct face to face and telephone readings. With my gift I can look into many areas of callers concerns to find the answers they are seeking. My readings are delivered with care, understand and non-judgemental. I can look into relationships, career, home moves and love ones who has passed to the Spirit world. PIN: 2761
Jason (5242)
PIN: 5242
4.4(51 Reviews)
I've been working with my spirit guide for over ten years. I use my clients' frequency and spiritual energy to provide a fulfilling reading and will assist in relaxing and calming my clients. Over these years, I've enjoyed the smile and happiness that my clients have experienced after my reading. I am confident that after my reading, you will feel the same way too. PIN: 5242
Mandi (8260)
PIN: 8260
3.7(75 Reviews)
I have been working as a Psychic Medium for a few decades and I have life experience and also empathy and I am a good listener. I use my Spiritual cards but can work hands free as some callers prefer no cards used in their Reading. I guess my speciality would be in Relationships as I seem to get to the heart of the issue as soon as I link in. PIN: 8260
Busy (1 minute)
Maria Ann (2190)
Maria Ann
PIN: 2190
4.9(16 Reviews)
I have worked with angel and tarot cards and the crystal ball with other specific tools, including the pendulum, for over 15 years. I am an experienced clairvoyant and clairsentient with psychic abilities working with many tools to bring my client clarity. I feel it’s essential to go in-depth with my readings and give insight into the past, present, and future. PIN: 2190
Busy (1 minute)
Sky (8637)
PIN: 8637
4.5(52 Reviews)
I'm a clairvoyant and a tarot card reader. I can do general readings, work and finance readings, but primarily, I specialize in love and relationship readings and soul connections. I can feel all manner of energies and foretell events that have not yet come to pass, as well events that have long passed. PIN: 8637
Busy (2 minutes)
Pat (9566)
PIN: 9566
4.5(136 Reviews)
I am a Psychic Spiritual Coach & Meditation Practitioner. I have over 20 years experience of giving readings. I can offer assistance and advice in a caring and compassionate manner. I can also tune into people around you, giving you insight. I like to bring through as much information as possible. I specialize in Love and Relationships but can offer general readings. PIN: 9566